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DriveThruComics have released their list of digital comics available to download directly!

New Print comics and graphic novels are available now from publishers like Griot Enterprises, Black Watch Comics, Bliss on Tap, and more! Be sure to check out:

These books are printed to order and shipped directly to you, anywhere in the world! We’ve got more print books on the way soon, so stay tuned (and be sure to let your favorite publishers you want to see their books in Print on DriveThruComics)!

We’ve got tons of new digital comics this week as well!

Lots and Lots of new books from Red Leaf ComicsAAM Markosia, and Top Cow Productions…just to name a few. Plus I’ve put the spotlight on a handful of my favorites below.


Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productMakeshift Miracle Chapter 1

A young boy named Colby Reynolds searches for meaning in the world around him and discovers a place where dreams can come true, if he’s willing to pay the price. Along the way he’ll see sights he’s never fathomed and encounter hidden truths about himself he’ll wish he never knew.

The original Makeshift Miracle story was published online from September 2001 through to March 2003. It was one of the first graphic novels ever serialized and completed online. This new version, started on the 10th anniversary of the original, revisits and expands the characters and mythology with a more in depth story and brand new artwork.

Whether you were a fan of the original Makeshift or are discovering it for the first time, we hope you enjoy our tale of dreams and mystery.

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleEvil Inc Monthly: Just in Time (July 2013)
by Evil Inc comics

Evil Inc Monthly is a pre-release of all of the Evil Inc strips scheduled for the upcoming month — plus a special bonus feature created from the archive of the comic. Evil Inc is a corporation run for super-villains by super-villains.

This month, Oscar and Oliver’s prehistoric adventure is concluded. And the Real Housewives of Transylvania make a return appearance!

Also, in Tales from the Evil Inc Archive, re-live the entire Ruby of Ragnoor storyline. Lightning Lady and the newly-villainized Elastic man team up to steal the Ruby of Ragnoor — a jewel with rumored mystic properties. But what happens when it falls into the hands of Miss Match, who uses it to try to simplify her hero/villain secret marriage with Captain Heroic?

Simple. Captain Heroic forgets he’s married, starts fooling around with the aptly-named Amazing Amazon, and arrests Miss Match. It’s a classic Evil Inc storyline with surpise twists and dangerous curves!


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Featured TitleCOMICOPOLYPSE – How To Survive The Comic Con Experience
by Happy Family Media

So you have decided to go to a comic convention! Get ready for a time of fun, fantasy and if you are not prepared… anxiety and anger!

Once again, Matt (Matman) Herring, co host of the Secret Identity Podcast, has come to the rescue! ‘COMICOPOLYPSE” is the guide to prepare, plan and survive a comic convention. Matt has been to hundreds of comic shows of all types and sizes and has put together an easy plan to not only survive…but thrive!

Let his fun and relaxed approach get you ready to enjoy the cons more than you ever have before. After all if you aren’t a survivor… you’re a victim.

“Matman knows comics and knows how to talk comics. And when he talks, he’s always got something interesting to say” – John Layman (writer of Detective Comics and CHEW) –

“This is the perfect survival guide and wildly entertaining!” – Billy Tucci (writer / artist of SHI and Sgt. Rock)

“Matt is one of the most positive people I’ve met in my 15 years of comics.” – Joe Kelly (co – creator of Ben 10, writer of Superman, X-Men, JLA and I Kill Giants)

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Featured TitleHenchmen
by Robot Paper

Henchmen is a comic book about the other guys.

Gary is struggling to get by. Too old to learn a new trade, too young to retire.

Then he finds a mysterious classified ad. When he applies in person, he finds a subversive world of henchmen for hire. Readers will see the familiar superhero landscape from the unique perspective of those who rarely get a voice but are always present… the Henchmen.

While the superhero is battling the super-villain the henchmen are the ones loading the loot into the van. They all have stories, they all have fears. Gary is a good man driven to do terrible things.

$4.99 $3.99

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The Superfun Adventures of Jax #1

Jax and Ash are two carefree friends with an eye for adventure.

Called into action by Jax’s mentor, the Great Fish, they embark on a dangerous journey to discover the cause of a recent surge of mechanical creatures known only as ‘The Mechs’.  Why has Jax been chosen for this task and what does this mean for their beautiful world of Natoon?


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The Leaf Genesis

The Leaf: Genesis

FEATURING THE FIRST APPEARANCE OF THE LEAF! Montreal, 1888 will never be the same!

“Living Ghosts” 26 pages – Witness the origin of the Modern Leaf–Michael MacSorly.

“Pheromone Infestation” 22 pages – Someone is knocking off high level business men with an army of ants. Behold…Pheromone!

“Redemption Road” 16 pages – Michael travels to Berlin, Germany for his greatest adventure–to bring back the body of Jill Canada lost at the end of World War II.


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Shojo Fashion Manga

Shojo Fashion Manga Art School

From ‘dos to shoes, how you dress and style your characters says a lot about who they are, before they even utter a word. Whether your story calls for a flashy drama queen or a mousy bookworm, this guide contains everything you need to know to create fabulous shojo manga characters with personality.

  • The Figure. Follow these simple basics to draw the guys and girls of various body types, in any pose.
  • The Face. Learn how to draw an endless variety of features. Get the feeling across with facial expressions from a subtle quirk of the mouth to all-out crocodile tears. Then add the perfect hairstyle—the icing on the cake.
  • The Look. “Shop” from an illustrated gallery of clothing and accessories for every season and occasion, from formal dresses to bunny slippers, with demonstrations and tips on designing your own original fashions.
  • The Setting. Portray your character’s world with demonstrations on how to create classic hangouts like classrooms, coffee shops and bedrooms.


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Bitter Souls

Of Bitter Souls #1

A mysterious New Orleans Pastor named Secord adorns four individuals with powers that are directly related to their character flaws. It begs the question, what do we do with the gifts we are given?

Under the guidance of Pastor Secord, the four flawed heroes will be set loose on the supernatural threats that are so prevalent in New Orleans’ legends.

They will be a force for good… that is if they don’t destroy themselves with their own powers first.


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekOrion the Hunter #1
by Blue Water Productions

Once Olympia’s greatest hunter, Orion sits as the centuries turn to millennia. Torn between his resentment of the Pantheon, his crumbling faith and his need to serve them, Orion seeks the ultimate purpose of his immortal life and is thrust in the middle of a conspiracy that can destroy Olympus.

Orion delves into the dark underbelly of Greek mythos — the rumblings of a massive war between the Olympians and the lesser gods sits on the shoulders of a long ignored demi-god whom both sides see as the key.

Note: Intended for readers 12+

$3.99 $1.99

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New at

Metahumans vs WerewolvesMetahumans vs Werewolves: A Superhero vs Werewolf Anthology

The war between Good and Evil has raged since before Time began. Now it’s ultimate power versus ultimate savagery.

With ferocious fangs, flesh-ripping claws and a feral hunger to destroy anything in their path, werewolves are one of the most feared monsters on the planet.

Stepping in to stop their quest for blood are the metahumans, men and women with powerful abilities that set them apart from the rest of humanity. Some wear costumes as symbols of hope, others operate discreetly, using their special abilities for good. Put these two groups of people together and you have a clash between light and darkness that is sure to rock the foundation of the world and bring about an epic battle unlike anything seen before.

Featuring familiar heroes like Axiom-man, Midnight Angel, Nightcat, The Wraith, The Cowl and others, these eleven stories of super-powered heroism and terror are a thrilling ride through the worlds of wolf and superhero, and to a place where only one can remain standing.


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Newest Products

Keys to Drawing
by F+W Media
Price: $13.99

Anyone who can hold a pencil can learn to draw. In this book, Bert Dodson shares his complete drawing system—fifty-five “keys” that you can use to render any subject with confidence, even if you’re a beginner. These keys, along with doze…

The Figure-Of-Speech Mongoose
by carter comics
Price: $0.99

In his debut issue, follow the four different comic strip adventures of a mongoose that takes everyday expressions literally.

Torchbearer #3: “Crash”
by Odd Truth
Price: $1.99

After the events of Carthulla, Prometheus Inc. must pay for its crimes. Events are set in motion that will have unexpected consequences for both Prometheus and Cayoti. As Cayoti and his collaborators plan their next steps, The Collectors are tightening th…

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