Short Reviews: Archer & Armstrong, Wolverine, Iron Man…

Some short thoughts and reviews of the digital comics I got this week!



Archer & Armstrong #11 continues this strong series, with clean art and some brilliant storytelling. General Redacted is possibly one of the funniest characters in this and I enjoy this slanted look at Aliens, after dealing with Wall Street, Religion and Nazi’s. I have no idea where this is going next, but am enjoying the ride!



Batman ’66 #3 finishes off this story with the conclusion of last weeks cliffhanger. The dialog continues to be excellent and spot on to the TV series. I’m looking forward to see how this digital series does in the long run as it’s a bold move and may not appeal to all. Although the ‘digital first’ scheme that DC have lowers the potential risk! Next week – The Penguin and Mr Freeze!



Cable & The X-Force #11 concentrates on Domino and Boom Boom in an interesting pairing. The dynamic between the two of them is very well paced and funny in parts. I assume the next few issues are going to have standalone adventures of the rest of the team interspersed with what Hope is up to. This continues to be a fun read!



Iron Man #13 continues The Secret Origin of Tony Stark and it gets bigger – a lot bigger! Iron Man’s suits get their biggest upgrade yet and this continues the cat and mouse games. Death’s Head returns and also performs well. I’m enjoying the hell out of this!



Nova #6 deals with the aftermath of AVX from Nova’s point of view – the way he deals with school and his life as it is is excellent, and it looks like he’s going to be earth bound for a while! This series looks like it could have legs and has an excellent supporting cast! I’m keeping up with it!



Numbercruncher #1 is the new series from X-Men: Legacy writer Si Spurrier. With some excellent art from PJ Holden. It’s a difficult concept story, but not too difficult that you have to read twice to understand. I really enjoyed this and am looking forward to the rest of the series. The art is excellent and mixes the scenes well and in a unique way!



I’m so glad to see The Only Living Boy #2, I really enjoyed (and supported #1) and can’t wait to read the rest of this mixed up series. With grand art, and interesting characters it is a brilliant concept and is worth a read!



Power Play #4 continues this made for digital series at a fast pace and utilizes a lot of the digital tools available. The art is tight and fun with colour used a lot in these stories. The storytelling is fast paced, but easy to keep up with too!



Wolverin: Japan’s Most Wanted #2 mixes some talking with a lot of action – this makes it perfectly suited for Wolverine and the Infinite Comic trearment. Wolverine in Japan fighting Ninja’s is always a good fit, and the addition of Sabretooth’s planning make this a fun read!


Darth Vader & The Ninth Assassin #4 takes a break from the assassin and concentrates on Vader. There are some interesting points here, and you think that he is considering the offer placed to him – of course not!, but the thought is there, and Vader is best when he has that doubt about him! I’m not sure how many issues this has to go, but that makes it fun, as you can’t see the end coming yet!

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