Thrillbent Opens Its Digital Comics Store!

Following 2000AD and Image Comics, Thrillbent are selling their own DRM-Free digital comics as PDF’s!

Today’s the day. Effective immediately, you should find a new button on our page to click. “SHOP” will take you our new Thrillbent Storefront, where you can buy downloadable collections of your favorite Thrillbent comics in PDF form, DRM-free–you buy the files, you own them, simple as that. Read them on whatever device you like, at your convenience.

Digital comics distributors like Comixology and iVerse continue to be great and valuable partners to us, and our comics will remain for sale through those platforms, as well. I get fully that there are plenty of comics readers who value the convenience of cloud-based services like the ones they offer (and–value-add for us–we genuinely like the people who run those companies). But we hear constantly from readers who prefer to own and collect the comics and files they buy so they’re accessible with or without an internet connection, and we’re happy to oblige.

Weekly CBZ files are still free to download for now, but buying the PDFs gives you exclusive bonus content designed specifically for each comic, including new covers, clickable hotlinks, behind-the-scenes essays and art, and more. Moreover, if you like what we do here at Thrillbent, these purchases are a relatively inexpensive way to show your support if you’re so inclined. I’ve said it a thousand times–we’re in this to make comics, not to maximize personal profits–but receiving money from fans and readers who feel like we’re giving them something of value in return, that’s what allows us to keep going.

With that in mind, all the collections of our flagship title, Insufferable, will be “pay what you will,” allowing you to set your own price when you buy. Yes, this means there’ll be people who will just download it for free; what we’re banking on is that there are enough of you out there who appreciate our work and our efforts who’ll maybe chip in a little more here or there, from time to time. We’ll do the work; you determine its value. If we’ve done a good job, everyone will win and we can expand this model across the Thrillbent line. I’ll let you know how the first few weeks goes.

Also of note on the storefront:

  • Collections of Pax Arena and The Walking Pandas/The Panda Show will include both English and French language editions. We’ll watch the downloads and expand Thrillbent into other languages if there’s a demand.
  • Comics aren’t just for adults! In addition to the familiar Thrillbent titles, the storefront will proudly spotlight the kid-friendly, all-agesAw Yeah Comics! series by Art Baltazar and Franco, creators of the award-winning Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures. Unlike everything else, you won’t find Aw Yeah Comics! on the main Thrillbent site–it’s going to be the cornerstone of our soon-upcoming Thrillbent For Kids site because (a) DIGITAL COMICS FOR KIDS!, and (b) I don’t want some four-year-old blundering around the main Thrillbent site and stumbling from Aw Yeah straight to The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood. Go figure.

Launch titles on the storefront include collections of Insufferable, The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood, Pax Arena, The Eighth Seal, Moth City, and Aw Yeah Comics!, with many more to come. Click here to check it out!

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