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DriveThruComics have a Mouseguard sale now on and new digital comics for you to download direct to your device!




Mouse Guard

Not at Gen Con? Don’t worry we’ve got exciting new comics and amazing special offers for you this week! New publishers have signed up this week as well, be sure to check out:

Archaia Entertainment is offering a 25% discount on the Mouse Guard Comics and RPG by David Petersen all week long! “Petersen’s art in Mouse Guard is…stunning. Lush and stippled, it’s sublimely colored and profoundly beautiful.”  — The A.V. Club at The Onion

Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productCyberforce Vol 4 #5
by Top Cow

The long awaited conclusion to the Cyber Force relaunch culminates in this action-packed issue. This is an issue you don’t want to miss!

What will happen to the world when all the key players gather together to confront the Chairman of CDI?

Read this issue of Cyber Force and find out!

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleHypergirl Trade
by AAM Markosia

When bored teenage girl Charley Matthews visits Watersvale Museum, she has no idea that a chance encounter with the dying Doc Hyperpower is about to change her life forever.

Will she rise to the occasion and defeat the evil of Pharoanicus, or will she lock herself in her bedroom and listen to The Cure?

Find out in this senses shattering debut of Weirdsville’s newest hero – Hypergirl!

$17.99 $3.99

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Featured TitleVine #1
by Corridor Media

During a mission on a remote island, a mercenary team discovers a young man in a forest who has been asleep for thirteen years, kept alive by sentient vine…

VINE is a new comic series in the tradition of Tarzan/Indiana Jones. Exotic action adventure with a metaphysical bent!


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Featured TitleTony & Cleo #3
by Blue Water Productions

A caring mother reaches out to ancient Rome and makes a grim prediction. In exchange for Cleopatra’s death, Augustus offers a reward beyond imagining.

Meanwhile, with the help of Chicago’s finest, Matilda connects the dots and comes to a terrible conclusion. But she could be too late. On the other side of the city, the Professor takes a gamble and faces off with Cleopatra’s would-be assassin…alone.

$3.99 $1.99

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Soul StealerSoul Stealer: Collector’s Edition

Named “Graphic Novel of The Year” by Ain’t in Cool News in 2011, SOUL STEALER is a graphic tale of horror and fantasy that follows the pieced-together, Frankenstein-like hero, Kalan, on his infinite, centuries-spanning search for his eternal love, the beautiful if fatally elusive Oxania.
SOUL STEALER: THE COLLECTOR’S EDITION reflects the nine-year collaboration of best selling writer, Michael Easton (THE GREEN WOMAN) and acclaimed illustrator, Christopher Shy (DEAD SPACE).
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Making FacesMaking Faces

Chances are, you already know how to draw some expressions. But faceit, your stories can only get so far with “happy,” “sad” and “angry.” In order to give your characters some character, you need to know what they look like when they’re about to sneeze, when they smell something stinky or when they’re flirting, horrified or completely blotto. Lucky for you, that’s what this book is all about!Making Faces contains everything you need to give your characters a wide range of expressions!

Part 1: The Basics. How to draw heads, mouths, noses and eyes, and how they change shape when they move.

Part 2: The Faces. Over 50 step-by-step demonstrations for a variety of expressions divided into scenarios. Each scenario shows four or five expressions from a single character, from simple emotions to more subtle and complex variations, so you see how a face changes with each emotion. Sidebars illustrate the same expressions on a variety of other characters.

Part 3: Storytelling.How to move your story along using expression, point of view, body language and composition. See how it all comes together with damsels in distress, a noir-style interrogation, a Western standoff and other situations.


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ZombiesZombies: A Hunter’s Guide

The dead have always stalked the dark corners of the earth. Since World War II, the number of zombie outbreaks has increased every year, while governments desperately try to cover up the facts.

Zombies: A Hunter’s Guide contains all of the information necessary to recognize and combat this growing threat. Beginning with an explanation of the historical origins of zombies, it follows their history straight through to the threat they pose to the world today. All varieties of zombie are catalogued and examined, giving their strengths and weakness, with a special emphasis on recognition and elimination.

Finally, the book covers the tactics and equipment used in zombie fighting. Accompanied by numerous full-colour reconstructions to help with identification, this book is a must for anyone on the frontlines of the Zombie Wars.


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekArtifacts #30
by Top Cow


When Tom Judge failed in his efforts to assemble a team of Artifacts bearers and battle Jackie Estacado, Angelus host Finch was left eagerly preparing for her next confrontation with the Darkness bearer.

Will her bullheaded obsession to destroy the Darkness distract her from the dangerous task at hand when Tom Judge returns to Finch for a favor?


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Newest Free Products

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #538–Anathema and Thumbprint
by Secret Identity

Download Location of the Week: Plano, TX ReviewsJoe Hill’s Thumbprint #1Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash #1Baby #1Superior Spider-Man #13Buck Rogers #1 Out of the Long BoxAnathema #1Comixology:

High School Hijinks
by Mini-Komix

No other place in either anime or manga has centered itself more than in a high school. So, here’s three short comic stories each ! set in their own unique high school setting. There’s High School Sweethearts where two troubled teenagers work through their …

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #537–Day Men and Justice League Dark
by Secret Identity

NewsMaking Ear Candy: The Audio Confectioner’s Gu! ide to Podcasting ( approaching ReviewsJustice League Dark #22Day Men #1 Liner NotesQueensrycheTony Iommi–Iron Man Summer Watching ProjectEureka–HOUSE Rules Cr…



Newest Products

Hope Falls: The Ultimate Edition
by AAM Markosia
Price: $3.99

Twenty years ago they murdered her – and now she’s back to even the score, as Helen, a falling Angel returns to the town she died in to! extract revenge on the four men who killed her – while discovering an Angelic conspiracy that dates b…

Joshua Black #2
by Con Artist Entertainment
Price: $0.99

Joshua Black is alive and his life is better than ever! His family has been miraculously reunited and he couldn’t be h! appier. His father is sober, his mother is alive, and he even has a sister. Things couldn’t be going better for Joshua… But sadly…

Raven Watchers 1
by Fitztown
Price: $0.99

From the raven watchers trilogy by morgan fitzsimons a paranormal celtic fantasy  Ancelyn the Raven Watcher is a mysterious warrior guardian who Sian Devlin first meets in her mind. He haunts her dreams until he becomes a flesh and blood reality th…

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