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Free weekly productSunset: First Look
by Top Cow

In the noir tradition of Chandler and Spillane, comes a two-fisted tale of revenge and redemption. On the surface, Nick Bellamy looks like any other veteran retiree left behind by a modern world. In reality, Nick is a former enforcer, who stole a fortune and years of freedom from his former mob boss. Now, in the twilight of his life, Nick will lose everything except two things: revenge… and the chance to die with his guns blazing.

Take a first look at CHRISTOS GAGE and JORGE LUCAS’s SUNSET with this full color issue! Collecting the first 22 pages of the hard hitting noir tale, SUNSET: FIRST LOOK is a perfect, low risk way to sample Minotaur Press’s first original graphic novel.

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleLast Man Standing (1 of 16 in UNFASHIONED CREATURES, A Frankenstein Anthology)
by Red Stylo Media

Hey, you got Zombies in my Frankenstein! In the midst of an undead apocalypse, one scientist tries to sustain the human race by cloning himself (again.) Unfortunately, things don’t work out exactly as planned. But then, do they ever?

In this story, writer Monica Valentinelli and artist Josie Pi Grant do a modern twist on the first, great literary zombie. The digital download includes a BONUS page from “Monsters and the Monsters Who Make Them,” a mini-series written by James McGee and illustrated by Alex Cormack.

UNFASHIONED CREATURES, A Frankenstein Anthology, is a collection of original comic art and stories inspired by Mary Shelley’s classic horror novel “Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus.” Edited by Enrica Jang. Read the other fifteen titles in the Unfashioned Creatures series right here on


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Featured TitleH.G. Wells’ The Time Machine
by Boardguy

Wells’ classic tale is visualized in gorgeous black and white with horror and steampunk flare!

Faithfully adapted from the source material that coined the phrase “Time Machine,” this is a celebration of one of the foremost science fiction writers of all time!


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Featured TitleTorchbearer #4: “Corporamachy”
by Odd Truth

Following the latest attack at a facility operated by Prometheus, Inc, the board of directors are meeting to discuss their latest operations throughout the galaxy, and discover just who is behind their recent attacks: the Torchbearers.

But, just who really are the Torchbearers?

– – – – – – –

Corporate espionage meets science fiction. What would you do when corporations start buying up planets, star systems, entire galaxies?Prometheus, Inc. is one of those corporations. For hundreds of years, they’ve served as a shining example of how corporations can bring peace and prosperity to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. But it’s all been a front. They’ve been amassing power and resources, biding their time to take over.

And the time is now.


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SWIPE is the story of Ray, a hacker who finds a one-in-a-million self-aware robot, Karina, and, well, there’s immediately some trouble between a cyborg pimp and an old friend of Karina’s, and things escalate quickly… before Ray and Karina quite know it, the whole city is one of several launch points for a nanotech invasion that turns people into zombies… corrupts machines’ programming… and eventually starts fusing the two together in very unnatural ways… all because the best show on the web has jumped the shark.

It’s cyber-zombie invasion madness, all in one graphic novel: SWIPE, from Angry Viking Press.


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Massively Effective #3Massively Effective #3

We often wonder what the future holds for us. Is it hope? Change? Or ever impending doom?! Which is exactly what our lighthearted duo will find out when they are taken into the future to serve trial for their crimes against humanity. Crimes against humanity? Really? These guys? How far has the future actually fallen when Mass and Effect are on trial?

Find out all this and more and a secret so amazing it will blow your mind! Literally your skullcap will fall off. Money back guaranteed!


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Tall Tales from the Badlands #3Tall Tales from the Badlands #3

A Western comic book anthology. Special “Weird West” issue. Published by Black Jack Press. Edited by Sean Fahey:
The Judgement of the People,” written by Mark Wheaton, art by Jerry DeCaire.  Judge Buell has made a career out of cruelly distorting the letter of the law to secure his own bloodstained legacy; but in the hereafter, the scales of justice have a way of tipping in favor of the wrongly accused.
Apologies,” written by Sean Fahey, art by John Fortune.  No parent can stand idly by while their children suffer, and after being trapped in the remote Colorado wilderness with his family for weeks without a crust of food, Robert Mannon is prepared to do what it takes to see his children’s suffering end, even if his wife is not.
Rustlers,” written by Robert Napton, art by Franco Cespedes.  Rumors of a priceless cargo aboard a mystery train draw the attention of a gang of ambitious stick-up men looking to cash in on an “easy score.”  The owner of the cargo has other ideas though…as does the cargo.
All Mine,” written by Matt Dembicki, art by Ezequiel Rosingana.  There are few afflictions that will consume a man faster than “Gold Fever;” it turns good men bad, and bad men worse.  But even a mountain of gold only has value if you’re alive to spend it.
Where the Heart Is,” written by Sean Fahey, art by Ruben Rojas.  Colorado.  1872.  After making countless sacrifices and suffering endless hardships to make the trip West, two families of settlers are about to realize that “home” isn’t a place, it’s a state of mind.
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Artesia Afield #3Artesia Afield #3

Artesia leads an army out of the Highlands to aid the Middle Kingdoms against the resurgent Empire of Thessid-Gola; the Empire’s legions have swept across the land bringing death by sword and fire, forcing Awain, the High King of Therapoli, to split his army and attempt to relieve besieged cities.

As Artesia and her captains seeks to join the northern army led by the High King’s marshal, the Grand Duke Owen Lis Red, they are confronted with the myriad dangers and distractions of life on campaign.  They encounter the Thessid enemy for the first time, meet and hire mercenaries from distant lands, and learn of the Empire’s terrifying allies, the Isliklids, who heretically claim descent from Islik the Divine King.

And through it all, Artesia is plagued by dreams and haunted by ghosts, as she ponders the choices she has made, and those she hasn’t…


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekThink Tank #9
by Top Cow


Dr. David Loren used to worry about the deadly consequences of his creations from the safety of his laboratory… but now he’s been deployed to Taiwan to oversee a field test gone awry.

Will having the mysterious SEAL Team 6 as his bodyguards be enough to ensure that David returns home alive?

$3.99 $1.99

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Newest Free Products

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #542–Itty Bitty Hellboy and Spaceman
by Secret Identity

Download Location of the Week: Oakville, Ontario (The Comic Connection–www.comicconnectionoakvi Get Our Books:X-O Manowar: Centurion:

Epilogue — Newspaper
by C.O.M.I.C.S. INC.

BIOLOGICAL INDESTRUCTIBLE TACTICAL COMBAT HYBRID SQUAD Vol #1 Epilogue/Newspaper The one sheet page serves as an epilogue to the previous story and a lead in to the next set of stories. It is formatted like a front page headline of a newspaper, and is wr…

Jinx Dawson, The Metal Goth Queen
by Incarna Comics

A slideshow of fantasy art created b y F. Newton Burcham dedicated to the Great Queen of Goth Rock, Awesome Jinx Dawson.



Newest Products

Slaughterman’s Creed #5
by AAM Markosia
Price: $0.99

Slaughterman’s Creed is a story of the fall and rise of monsters, where an ethical knife-edge is all that separates hero from villain. A human trafficker orders the death of a killer who refuses to breach his professional code. Twelve years later, …

The Superfun Adventures of Jax Trade
by AAM Markosia
Price: $3.99

Jax and Ash are two carefree friends with an eye for adventure. Called into action by Jax’s mentor, the Great Fish, they embark on a dangerous journey to discover the cause of a recent surge of mechanical creatures known only as ‘The Mechs&rs…

Torchbearer #4: “Corporamachy”
by Odd Truth
Price: $1.99

Following the latest attack at a f acility operated by Prometheus, Inc, the board of directors are meeting to discuss their latest operations throughout the galaxy, and discover just who is behind their recent attacks: the Torchbearers.  But, just wh…

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