Review: Wolverine – Japan’s Most Wanted Chapter 10


As I thought, we got a fair amount of action here – but no Wolverine. He just sat in the woods setting fire to everything, but the First Clan got their licks in.

But it didn’t do much!

Decompressed story telling here, made this issue drag slightly. It still had some nice touches – highlighting the difference between the Ninja clan and the Samurai’s style of battle.

I also liked the use of the canvas here – not only the lighting of the fires, but the back and forth between panels – actually moving back – to give a real feel about them. I think the first clan has been badly used as cannon fodder here, but I may be proved wrong in the future.

We also get a nice back and forth between The Hon and the old (Yoda) lady. So that’s going to mean something!

Next week is promising Wolverine, so we shall see how that pans out!

Still an enjoyable read though – and not too bogged down in the rest of the Marvel Universe!

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