Review: Wolverine – Japan’s Most Wanted Chapter 12


We’re pretty much getting towards the end game here. The First Clan have been decimated, Masako is dead, Wolverine is blind and Silver Samurai has lost an arm….


Wolverine has been beaten, but he’s down but not out. This is one of those fights where we get Wolverine talking and internally monologging too! It actually works out quite well. He not only knows himself, but he knows the Silver Samurai – both the new one and the old one. The fight is well paced and isn’t as frantic as it could be! Most of what Wolverine has said is bang on the money, and Silver Samurai reacts in the only way he knows.

This is either the end with the Sabertooth issue left in the balance, or the end of the act, with Sabertooth yet to come, but this has been a good read, because it’s so far removed from all the other Wolverine comics and his supporting casts. Like the early days….

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