Jughead, Dilton & More Digital Comics From Archie Comics

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Archie Digital Comics!

Archie #649

Things are getting very strange in the halls of Riverdale High School—or should we call it, Riverdale: The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? 

Dilton #3

The Riverdale High gang begin to wonder if Dilton was on to something by dropping out of school! Can Archie set them straight before it’s too late?

Archie Double Digest #245

The holidays are here and Archie and the gang are getting into the Christmas spirit! 

Archie #627 – Read for FREE!

When the Archies find their town overrun by monsters because of a spell gone wrong, can the KISS gang save the day? 

Jughead’s Cousin That Wilkin Boy

Check out the crazy antics of Bingo and his silly friends in this 150-page Digital Exclusive! 

Betty & Veronica #261 – Read for FREE!

Caught in the middle of two rival vampire gangs, can Betty rid her town of the bloodsuckers before they turn all her friends into creatures of the night? 

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