Review: Hurry: Adventures of the Rabbitoid Knight #1


Part of Comixology’s Submit process this new title gives a new look at the Knights theme!



Hurry the Rabbitoid Knight and his faithful starship Ollie finally have a lead on the last Cray in the known universe. Once it is captured, the universe will finally be safe from Mother’s evil creations.


This is a fun, easy to read introduction to the world of the Rabbitoid Knights. Well laid out and smooth to read – it takes advantage of the Comixology Guided View reading process well. Narrated by the on board computer we get a really nice overview of whats been before, and whats to come. We know the protagonists and who they are against.

Art wise the feel is crisp and neat, with some brilliant designs of people as well as ships. Again, because of the viewing method, there are nice big spreads and moving images which add to the feel of the whole thing.

This feels like a title I can sit and read with my daughter and I’m looking forward to reading #2!


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