Review: in Sanity, AZ #3


Welcome to Sanity, Arizona. It’s a small town where everyone knows everyone and the natives are happy to live and let live…unless you’re visiting. The residents have developed their own systems of law, politics, ethics, religion, and morality. Left on their own, Sanity would thrive outside the view of our world, content to live their lives in their own way. Unfortunately for all involved strangers do occasionally find themselves in Sanity, AZ.

This third and final volume of the in Sanity, AZ series features the following stories: “The Orchard”, “Steal”, “Kids and Their Treasures”, “Adultery”, “Lullaby”, “Dog Tricks”, “Other Gods”, “Broken Water III”.

The final part of this horrific anthology series has been a success – something different to what I would usually read, but I’ve been glad I have. So first off – a well done to the team behind this  – and look out for the collection!

Although a final issue, and there is some sense of closure here, we also get the feel of life as normal in this mad town. Some stories are finished, while some you can see continuing, but it all feels right.

There’s a nice standout cover too!

The Orchid is a nice longer standalone story which give a good introduction to the feel of all the stories here – conditioned readers know it isn’t going to end well!

Steal is the first with the preacher and reminds us of the sort of person he is, with a grim smile!

Kids and their treasures is an interesting side – I don’t think I could read many like this, but the style of the whole anthology allows it, and it’s a break from the previous two stories – with some fun involved!

Adultery returns to the preacher and this time the Mayor of the town – there’s some worries on the outsiders and how to deal with them…..

Lullaby is a monstrous story clashing with the clean art of the previous story with a disjointed feel….

Dog Trick pulls us in with a bright, sunny outlook and then quickly turns the tables on us!

Other Gods finishes off the preacher story with an interesting monologue and a finish!

Finally Broken Water III finishes the anthology with a funeral – but in this town, we get a neat twist!


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