Review: Wolverine – Japan’s Most Wanted Chapter 13

13. Unlucky for some, but for who?


The groundbreaking Infinite Comic comes to it’s rollicking conclusion! Wolverine collides with Sabretooth’s machinations – will Osen survive the experience? Will Wolverine clear his name? Jason Aaron, Jason Latour, Paco Diaz & Yves Bigerel bring you the spine shattering conclusion!

Most of the toys have gone in the box. Some are broken, and there’s a couple of new ones.

I always see in series such as this, that the status quo doesn’t often change – well there are some here which have made changes to the overall Marvel Universe and I wonder if we will see them!

There’s no Sabertooth/Wolverine battle, which is good, because holding these two off each other for as long as possible is a good wait. Sabertooth seems to be taking a Romulus role in Marvel at the moment.


The addition of the Hon as a character works well and we don’t know in what capacity we will see her next – Hero or villain, or just for herself.
There’s a bit of a loss here too – to Silver Samurai – his honor and his arm – mental and physical, and I hope we will see these played out in later titles.

The series has been a fun ride and I hope this format is used on maybe less used characters as it has legs!

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