Reviews: Death Sentence & Numbercruncher From Titan Comics


The last issue was a little scattered, but Death Sentence #2 starts to bring it all together and we get a closer look at the main characters and where we are getting too. Interspersed with some of the character moments there are some excellent actions scenes – with the only real likeable character in the series. Everyone else seems to be a dick!

There’s a nice degree of character moments here, and we get a look at where this is going. The Island (note capital letter) and the shadow organisations! The art is well done and nice and rough to take it away from the norm of this sort of story!


Numbercruncher #4 brings us to the end of the mini series which, thankfully, was short on Maths and gave us a nice twist ending which has been told throughout the previous 3 issues. There are some nice beats of humour here and the deadpan mode of it all is very well done.

The art adds to this all and the mix of colour and black & white was a brave move, but really well done. This has been an excellent series and a worthy read. Clever and twisted in the same way!

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