Review: Doctor Who Series III #15

Deadman’s Hand, Part 3 of 4: The judgement is made, and Earth is doomed! Can the Doctor and Oscar Wilde convince an alien with a vendetta to change his mind? Meanwhile, Clara and Calamity Jane track down Wild Bill Hickok in an effort to unearth the truth behind the gunfighter’s return.



This penultimate issue of this arc packs a lot in – some Doctor, some others! We get some good cowboys, a gun fight, betrayal and a nice nod to those who are fans of all the Doctors!
The Doctor locks horns with his foe on a plane of virtual reality and we get hints as to why he may not be all that he seems. Clara has some strong words for the Doctor and we get a look at her trusting side.
It’s all working out quite well in this story with all the parts coming together for the final part!

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