Review: Moth City Season 1

A man trapped by his own success must solve the bizarre murder of his chief scientist before his city’s inhabitants are wiped out by outside forces.


Excellently crafted as what I thought was a WWII political thriller, and gradually turning into something else. This infinite canvas read was something that kept me glued to the very end, and when I got there all I could say was “Wow”

Something I didn’t expect going into Season 2, something though, that I am looking forward to!

The character work on all the players in the story is excellent, each well rounded and worth something in the story – even if we don’t have all the facts ye.
Combine this with the excellent art, and you get something real. The art is dark and dirty, in the special way that stories like this should be told. The infinite canvas adds to the old cinema feel to it all.

Another excellent offering from the team at Thrillbent – and it’s free to read!

Season 2 is starting now on


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