Review: Sex Criminals #3

How did these two end up in that bank, with those guns? Because they seemed like such nice kids, right? Well, THE SEX POLICE have the same questions and descend on Susie and Jon. And we get the rest of Jon’s gory story – if you read ONE weird sex and time comedy comic this year, make sure it’s “My Sexual Errors 1998 – Present!”



 My favourite cover of the week and it’s still to ‘adult’ for iOS!
We get some more history here, with the remainder of Jon’s history and we get to the point as to why they are robbing a bank in ‘the quiet’ we also get a closer look at those who are trying to stop them, with a reaction at the end we weren’t expecting! The cross between the humour and the action in this story is very well done and very much tongue in cheek! This continues to be one of my must reads every month!
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