Review: Watson & Holmes #5

For several months, newborn infants have been found in trash dumpsters around New York City’s five boroughs. Is it mere coincidence…? A sinister, deeper pattern…? And if it happens to be either case, why are Watson and Holmes the only ones to realize it’s even happening in the first place? Don’t miss the latest installment in the saga of Watson And Holmes.


After the first excellent arc, leaving no stone undisturbed, we get a mystery dealt with from #1. First of all that takes some excellent arc plotting from the creators there. What we also get is more of this excellent Sherlock Holmes – taking aspects from the classic series and making it their own. As an old school Holmes fan I can see nothing wrong with this and everything good – from concept to execution it makes an excellent read and this is worthy as a jumping on point. The humanity of the characters works well in their own way – Holmes isn’t as distanced as he could be like in other series, but still makes it different.
Well done to all for this brilliant series!

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