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DriveThruComics have released this weeks digital comics and sales for you to download online!

It is almost Thanksgiving here in the USA. Here at, this weekend will be filled with turkey, stuffing, cranberry, all the fixings — and comics, too! Here are some Thanksgiving-themed comics you can download.

  • Turkey Grove Farms – Something is amuck at Turkey Grove Farms. Jasper’s dad, the famous face of the farm’s commercials, hasn’t been seen since before Thanksgiving.
  • Flare #31 – In a tale by Wilson Hill, Gordon Purcell, and Terry Pallot, Flare spends Thanksgiving with her boyfriend Lucas’s family.
  • Atomic Mouse Thanksgiving Special – The heroic super-powered rodent from the Golden Age flies back in a very special Thanksgiving one-shot. For the holidays, Atomic Mouse makes peace with his long time rival Count Gato to give some orphans a Thanksgiving feast.

Huge Publisher Sale on Markosia Comics!

Founded in 2005, Markosia Enterprises Ltd is a multi-faceted publishing company that specializes in sequential storytelling in a broad range of fun genres. All this week, save 20% on creator-owned works like Dark MistsThe Lexian ChroniclesThe Young Sherlock Holmes AdventuresMidnight Kiss, and Serpent Wars!

Check out all 250 plus Markosia digital comics today! Get ’em on sale at 20% off through DriveThruComics!

Black Friday Deals!

Braving the stores for crazy deals on Friday? Hoping to find comics on sale this weekend? Be sure to drop by ourDriveThruComics Facebook and Twitter pages to watch for some amazing digital comic deals starting Friday, November 29th!

Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productThe Iron Saint #0
by Top Cow

From the creator of Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter!

Set in an alternate-universe 1930s metropolis, a reformed hitman and an innocent debutante get caught in the middle of a three-way power struggle between the government, a religious sect and an underworld criminal organization.

Previously released as Iron and The Maiden #0.

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleTales of Kidthulhu: Issue Infinity
by Raven Warren Studios

Kidthulhu makes his debut with Tales of Kidthulhu Issue Infinity.

This will launch the series of Kidthulhu later this year starting with issue #1. In Issue Infinity you will get a brief introduction to some of the main characters as well as background details provided by the Oceanomicon.

Follow the journey of Kidthulhu, Shog and their man-nanny Nyar as they head out in the great beyond called the New World. This retro 1940s steampunk era setting is home to a host of familiar denizens shown in a completely new light.

$5.00 $0.99

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Featured TitleAphrodite IX Rebirth Volume 1
by Top Cow


Hundreds of years after a cataclysmic event scorched the surface, Earth and its inhabitants have been forever altered and a new landscape and political struggle has taken hold between two distinct factions fighting for control.

Aphrodite IX is both anachronism and advanced technology in a world that she no longer recognizes. To survive in this future, she must choose sides in a war that she wants no part in.


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Featured TitleAverage Jo #1
by Hound Comics

Average Jo #1

Meet Jo Hamilton. Jo is a Filipino-American police officer in the city of Eden, a city with the densest population of “Supers” on the east coast. Jo has never been a lucky man. His wife left him for a millionaire, his daughter barely acknowledges his existence, and his job has been turned into a sham thanks to the Mayor outsourcing a military group to police the “Supers.”

In a city full of “super”, the average are often pushed to the side. But as Jo and the world are about to find out; when pushed, even the most average person is capable of extraordinary things.

$5.00 $3.99

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Tony & CleoThe Legend of Isis: Tony and Cleo

After the sudden appearance of the Scarab Queen, Isis thought she had earned a few days off. Isis thought wrong. Waking up in what appears to be an ancient catacomb, Isis stumbles across her sister… changed. Nephtys is now… good??!!!! Furthermore, she needs Isis to help her save the world. What is going on?

And did you say you wanted to know who the newest stars of the Bluewater Universe are? Well, want no longer, since this issue of Isis proudly introduces the magnificent odd couple, Tony and Cleo. This brand new collected edition features never before seen images and bonus material!


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SlaineSlaine: The Grail War

Sláine MacRoth Celtic warrior and High King of the tribes of the Earth Goddess Danu, continues his journey through time. Sláine arrives in thirteenth century France, where he comes face to face with Crusader Simon De Montfort, the sworn enemy of the Cathars.

While searching for the tortured reincarnation of his lover Niamh, Sláine is compelled to join forces with De Montfort in order to seek out the Grail Stone.

The quest won’t be easy, however Sláine will have to defeat the dark forces of El if he is to stand any chance of saving Niamh’s soul!


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Children's Writers & Illustrators Market2014 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market

If you write or illustrate for young readers with the hope of getting published, the 2014 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market is the trusted resource you need.  Inside you’ll find more than 650 listings for children’s book markets (publishers, agents, magazines, and more)–including a point of contact, how to properly submit your work, and what categories each market accepts. You’ll also find:

  • Interviews with some of today’s hottest authors and illustrators, including author R.L. Stine (the Goosebumps series), author Marie Lu (Legend), author Beth Revis (Across the Universe), and illustrator Debbie Ridpath (I’m Bored, written by Michael Ian Black).
  • The ever-popular “First Books” article, where debut writers and illustrators explain what they did right and how you can follow in their footsteps to success.
  • In-depth articles on picture books, query letters, novel voice, author platform, the status of indie-publishing, literary agents, and more.


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Stitchwork #0Stitchwork EX #0

Joshua has been murdered… again. Each time he awakes in a new body, memories scattered by rebirth, and the clock ticks until it happens again.

For Joshua, paranoia is not a psychosis; it’s a survival skill. Murdered again and again, he continuously finds himself escaping death’s grip, left in a new body full of j…umbled memories and ability, some of which are not even his own. Not knowing who he can trust and where he has been, his only clues are vague images of the spider-limbed sisters who resurrected him and a stitchwork scar on his body. Joshua must act quickly to solve the mystery of his deaths before his killer strikes again.


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekJudge Dredd: Trifecta
by Rebellion Publishing Ltd

MEGA-CITY ONE, 2134 AD. While a severely depleted Justice Department struggles to cope in the aftermath of Chaos Day, Judge Dredd becomes aware of a potential power grab from within.

Meanwhile ‘Wally Squad’ gumshoe Jack Point is given a mysterious doll to safeguard, and Dirty Frank wakes up on Luna-1 only to discover that he is now a board member of Overdrive Inc.!

It’s business as (un)usual for the three Mega-City One lawmen, and as their cases intertwine they’ll need to work together in order to save the city from total destruction!

$19.99 $9.99

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Legend of Isis at DriveThruComics



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