Review: 2000AD – Prog 1863

Judge Dredd, Ulysses Sweet, the A.B.C. Warriors & Strontium Dog continue on. While we get a new story arc from Grey Area!





A nice action-based cover for 2000AD this week, with the colouring making a nice mix with the green of the lettering!

Judge Dredd‘s trip to Titan this week continues to not go as planned as we get to see more of the flashbacks into the planning of the trip, they why’s and what’s at stake. The issues moving forward for Dredd are explained well and we get to look forward to potential problems for him in the future! I’m really enjoying the art in this one!

The crazyness of Ulysses Sweet continues in Centred this week with the absolutly crazy maniac doing what he does best. I like the chip embedded in his brain to calm him down as it does away for the one-sided thought boxes. It goes well for Sweet that he is probably the most likable character in this story!

The Return To Mars in ABC Warriors continues with the regeneration of people and robots alike! This is nicely paced with a nice mix of humour and more serious issues (like zombies eating people!) Looking forward to a nice battle next week!

The immigration issues in Grey Area continue afresh in Did You Pack Your Own Luggage! With a nice look at how humankind deals with aliens they may not know everything about! The resolution at the end is an excellent idea, and sets up for the rest of the arc nicely!

In Dogs of War we get more on the battles between the mutants and ‘norms with Johnny Alpha taking point! Things don’t look good for the mutants as they continue their battles! This story is a long time coming, but really enjoyable!

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