Spotlight: Myth

After years of battling a wicked headmistress, young Sam has escaped his orphanage for a life far from adults. What he finds instead is a fallen kingdom of fantasy hidden in a nearby forest. Within the bizarre landscape Sam befriends the perfect sidekick in a solitary giant. Armed with his massive new friend, Sam heads out to rescue his fellow orphans and bring justice to their headmistress once and for all. But as his quest begins, something far more sinister awakens in the forest.

From Alterna Comics writer Mike Loniewski & artist Dan Lauer bring us an excellent story with some brilliant ideas. Myth says a lot with a little – giving us a story with feeling, a child who can’t express himself and a giant who expresses himself without words. There is some really touching pieces here, with the boy, the giant and some of the others.
The villains are well rounded and the first issue does away with the initial problem, while hinting at the ones that come to a head in the later issues. The art is excellent, as I noted above, Myth features a giant who doesn’t speak, but there are some excellent panels where his face and reactions speak volumes. A good read!
Myth is a 3 issue series with a preview available for free here
That’s not the whole story though – the procedes of issue #1 will go to which is a worthy cause!
Issue #3 is due out on 19th February!
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