Cloud 9 Comix Relaunch Their Leading Boutique Digital Comics Publishing Platform


With the tagline “New comics, New Talent, New Experience”, Cloud 9 Comix have re-launched their digital comic book publishing platform and have released their new iOS app that now supports both iPhones and iPads. Featuring a smaller, all-exclusive catalog, the new iOS app comes with a bundle of new features including a new panel-by-panel system creating a new reading experience; support for right to left languages such as Arabic; video channel offering trailers, promo videos and the own-produced Comic Book Storytellers web series. Additionally, all comics are now in full HD and look better than ever. The official Cloud 9 Comix relaunch promo video can be seen here:


“We are very excited about the relaunch of Cloud 9 and our new focus on a smaller number of stronger titles, allowing us to invest more time and resources into individual titles and building an international readership. We also look forward to bringing our readers some of the best creator-owned comics out there and 2014 certainly looks to be an exciting one,” stated Ben Slabak, who launched Cloud 9 Comix in late 2010, which is the digital publishing division of Spectrum Pacific Publishing, which he founded in 1996. Cloud 9 Comix have since evolved from an open indie comics platform to a boutique, full-fledged digital publisher offering some of the best creator-owned comics from across the globe.

Along with some of their flagship titles such as Winter City, Dynagirl, Infinity, Intrepid, Sky Pirates of Valendo and Drago Bentley, Cloud 9 Comix have brought aboard new and fresh titles such as The Mighty Titan, Cosmos, Jinn Warriors, The Realmscape Wars, and others. The highlight of recent publications signed exclusively by Cloud 9 Comix is Black Salt from Ratti Entertainment who have just successfully reached their crowdfunding goal to shoot a short film based on the comic book series. The current Black Salt Indiegogo campaign continues at to reach some of the stretch goals. In addition, Cloud 9 Comix have been busy producing their first very own series, Trail, an exciting new action adventure series by the company founder Ben Slabak, which is due for release mid-2014. Much focus has also been placed on growing the international content, with series Versus from Nigeria; Zeta, Atomica, Anima and Era Draconiana from Chile; and the entire AK Comics catalogue from Egypt, available both in Arabic and English. Cloud 9 Comix will continue to offer the best of indie comics from around the world that will be available exclusively from Cloud 9.

With the successful launch of the new Cloud 9 Comix iOS app, the focus has shifted to finalizing the new Android and Kindle Fire apps, as well as a web-based reader which will allow their readers to access their comics via any web browser, in the coming months. The reach of Cloud 9 Comix is ever expanding, and they aim to attract readers from all around the world with their exciting and exclusive catalog of some of the best comics around.


For more information on Cloud 9 Comix, visit the official website at Look out for the Cloud 9 Comix iOS app in the AppStore on your iPhone or iPad.

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