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The Birds is award-winning writer Robin D Laws’ comic strip. Both collected volumes are on sale for $1.99 each (regularly $6.99) for a limited time only!

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Free weekly productCharismagic V1 #0
by Aspen Comics

Everything you know about magic will…


Enter Hank Medley, a Las Vegas magician at the top of his game. For Hank, everything comes easy: women, fame, and definitely fortune. However, ‘Hank the Magnificent’ soon realizes that in Sin City, your luck can change at the drop of a hat–or wand–in his case.

Powerful forces of magic once banished from our reality have returned, and Hank is about to step into a world where the wonders of magic have not only come back, but are even flourishing! However, with some of these newly arrived beings intent on vengeance for deeds done to them in the past, will Hank be able to survive this new landscape of reality-and magic?

Series artist Khary Randolph provides this stunning main cover for this premiere issue, bringing a little magic to the setting sun.

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleThink Tank #12
by Top Cow

“OUTBREAK,” Part Four

What will war take from Dr. David Loren?

Written by Matt Hawkins

Art by Rahsan Ekedal and
Andy Troy


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Featured TitleIn The Fallout
by Read Furiously

At the end of the world, a teenage girl is left alone.

Forced to survive in a desolate wasteland filled with the horrors of the aftermath of nuclear holocaust, she searches for the one thing she needs more than anything – how to let go and move on.

$7.99 $3.99

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Featured TitleMemoirs of the Mysterious
by Rampaging Monster Comics

This graphic novel anthology is a collection of short stories in the vein of The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, EC Comics and all things mysterious!


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ClampCLAMP in Context

Since its debut manga RG Veda, CLAMP has steadily asserted itself as one of the most widely renowned teams of manga artists, leaving a durable imprint in every established genre while also devising novel formulas along the way. Endowed not only with stylistic distinctiveness but also comprehensive cultural structure, CLAMP’s output is distinguished by unique worldbuilding flair and visual vitality.

Exploring a selection of CLAMP manga as well as anime it inspired, this volume examines CLAMP’s broader philosophical underpinnings, its dedication to the invention of elaborate narrative constructs, its legendary passion for multilayered universes, and its symbolic interpretation of human identity. Throughout, the work highlights the team’s incremental creation of a graphic constellation of unparalleled appeal.


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On the GrindOn the Grind – Electric Brewgaloo

It’s time for Electric Brewgaloo, the second collection of On the Grind comic strips! This collection contains hundreds of On the Grind comic strips including the Frapp Season and Catfished storylines, along with fan art, guest comics, sketches, and more! Anyone who has ever worked in retail will relate to the outlandish situations that the staff of The Grind deal with every shift.


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Soulfire #3All New Soulfire #3

As Grace continues to experience magic anew in Paris thanks to Vanyss, things between PJ and Alori heat up–this time outside of the arena-and the results could be just as dangerous for both of them.

Meanwhile, Malikai drags a reluctant Sonia back to the people of Gabriel’s Voice, but she might not have to worry about them treating Malikai like a messiah, because they seem to have found someone else to worship instead!


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City FathersJudge Dredd: City Fathers

Mega-City One, 2080. It is Joe Dredd’s first year as a full-eagle Judge.

The brutal murder of a Justice Department-sanctioned spy sparks an investigation that will see Dredd trawl the criminal underworld in the hunt for the killer – and he will discover that all is not what it seems in the sector’s murky black market. Something new has entered the system, and unless Dredd can stop it, chaos will be unleashed…


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekSlaine: Warrior’s Dawn
by Rebellion Publishing Ltd

TIR NAN OG – THE LAND OF THE YOUNG – IS A VIOLENT WORLD, HOME TO WARRING TRIBES WHO WORSHIP GODS BOTH BENIGN AND MALEVOLENT. In this first collection of Sláine’s adventures we meet one such tribe, the Sessair, brave warriors of enormous skill, and the best of them is a young barbarian named Sláine Mac Roth. Sláine is, among other things, a master of the ‘warp spasm’ – channelling the mystical power of the Earth through his body to become a mighty, monstrous beserker!

This classic sword-and-sorcery series is written by 2000 AD founding editor Pat Mills (Savage) and features art by Angie Kincaid, Massimo Belardinelli (Ace Trucking) and Mike McMahon (Judge Dredd).

Originally serialised in 2000 AD Progs 330, 331-360.

$19.99 $9.99

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Betrayal Knows No Boundaries

A cruel lover who refashions her prey. A bioengineered warrior on the run. An internet mapping service with a stalker’s eye. A carjacker with a conscience. A Victorian thespian turned super-criminal. A murderer of video game characters.

All these and more meet in the poison-soaked pages of Schemers, a genre-spanning short fiction exploration of grand schemes, Machiavellian maneuvering, and the knotty, micro-scaled twistings of the human heart.



Penny Palabras


Newest Free Products

William Shatner Presents: Quest For Tomorrow #0
by Blue Water Productions

Check out a behind the scenes zero issue of “Quest for Tomorrow,” based off William Shatner’s best selling series. Jim Endicott has grown up on the planet Wolfbane, but when he celebrates his 16th birthday, he finds himself hurled literally in…

Wrath of the Titans: Revenge of Medusa #0
by Blue Water Productions

A special edition from the cult classic Wrath of the Titans! With the Gods humbled and the Kraken defeated, Perseus thought Argos was to enter a Golden Age of peace and prosperity. He was wrong. War drums are beating, the Olympians are again scheming, a…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #575–The Reservoir and Sunday Night Videos
by Secret Identity

News: Jesse Young on See Brian Write New Transformers, AMS 2 and Captain America trailers from Super Bowl Sunday Jesse Eisenberg (Zombieland) as Lex Luthor Phillip Seymour Hoffman dead iZombie coming to the CW Painkiller Jane optioned for movie …



Newest Products

Diversity in Disney Films
by McFarland
Price: $45.00 $14.99

Critical Essays on Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexuality and Disability Although its early films featured racial caricatures and exclusively Caucasian heroines, Disney has, in recent years, become more multicultural in its filmic fare and its image. From Al…

Quatermain: Ghosts of the Nzadi #1
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $3.99 $1.99

While travelling on a somber mission to bury his recently deceased son, legendary hero Allan Quatermain is forced to confront both inner demons…and bestial undead ones too. When the body of his son disappears, he jumps headlong on a quest to recl…

Vincent Price Presents The Tingler Trade
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $11.99 $5.99

The master of Horror is back! The direct sequel to the Vincent Price classic THE TINGLER, Dr. Chapin and his crew search for a primitive tribe with ties to the elusive creature spawned from fear with a grip like iron. But what they find in the dark jung…

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