Digital Comics Review: Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinite Comic #5

Blade is dead set on stopping Deadpool from fulfilling the delivery Dracula has hired him for…but he hadn’t counted on Deadpool having help on his side…from the package itself?! It’s Daywalker vs. Smack-talker, winner take all!



We’re near the mid-way point of this fast paced adventure with Deadpool and the ‘maybe’ bride-of-Dracula, and it shows no inkling of slowing down!
Still on the train, still fighting Blade we get some really nice back-and-forth between Deadpool and the Daywalker. These two work very well with the straight man and funny man, and I’m glad to see it! The story continues to build and we get a nice mid-way point. The art and story mesh well, with the infinite parts acting well into the humour and the movement!

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