Digital Comics Review: Knuckleheads #5



The Crystal Fist has crapped out, just when Trev needs its power most! Can he still save the diner from a pair of verbose, gun-toting, mustachioed robbers?

We had a cliffhanger from last issue – is this the point that it all goes horribly wrong for our hero. In short no, but in the long term we get a good look at the dynamic between this new group of friends as well as a look as to what will be facing them in the future!
There is a excellent mix of humour and action here, with no one part overshadowing the other. Each of the group has their time to shine – perhaps why it’s called ‘Knuckleheads‘ not ‘Knucklehead’

These things combined – along with what transpires at the end of the issue* make this a great read and worth picking up!


*No I’m not going to tell you!

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