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Way of the Warrior #1

Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productTwilight Crusade: Gabriel
by Moonstone

Twilight Crusade is a battle of Heaven vs Hell right here on our Earth, where the READERS will decide who wins!

In the War between Heaven & Hell, one soldier has been on the front lines of the battleground since the very Beginning.

But now the ultimate angel of destruction has grown weary of her never-ending tour of duty & the world it’s waged on.

After millennia of killing, Gabriel has begun to realize that even an eternal warrior needs more out of life than dealing death.

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleShrugged V1 #6
by Aspen Comics

Theo’s certainly been going through some changes lately, but none as extreme as this!

With the Transferscending Chamber taking its toll on our hero, the world of Perspecta begins to spiral into total chaos.

Who will step up and challenge Ember?

Can anyone even stop her?

$3.99 $1.99

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Featured TitleBoston Metaphysical Society – Chapter Three Special Digital Edition
by Madeleine Holly-Rosing

As “The Shifter” ignites paranoia and violence in Boston, Tesla looks toward Samuel for answers while Caitlin and Granville deal with ghosts haunting a theatre.

This is the third chapter in the steampunk supernatural six issue mini-series about an ex-Pinkerton detective and his spirit photographer partner who battle supernatural forces in late 1800’s Boston.


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Featured TitleHeadliners
by Headliners

Over the past 10 years there’s been peace. Peace earned by heroes, untiring in their efforts to rid the world of ultra-powered villains. With no threat to combat, the heroes moved on shedding their secret identities for normal lives. Some heroes joined a government agency called Alpha Team. They handle the most heinous crimes.

A recently found artifact, turning up during a research expedition threatens that peace. With no earlier notice, Alpha Team is caught off guard. This could be the end of everything the heroes have worked so hard to prevent.


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Charismagic #6Charismagic V1 #6

Everything you thought you knew about magic will… Vanish.

The valiant quest to save the world from catastrophe and the treacherous clutches of dark magic reaches its pulse-pounding conclusion with this epic finale issue!

Hank, Sudana and Sparkles must find a way to save the banished wizard Kon and make one final stand against Samsun’s vile and powerful magic or risk losing everything-including the return of the entire human population and their close allies Hector and Alle, who could find themselves trapped in the evil shadows of the Void Realm forever if they fail!


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PsykogeddonJudge Dredd: Psykogeddon


In the vast overcrowded metropolis of Mega-City One, every single citizen is a potential criminal. A new kind of lawman is needed, one that has the power to dispense instant justice on the streets, and that’s where Joe Dredd and his fellow Judges come in. If you’re guilty, be warned – they are judge, jury and executioner!

The criminal overlord Efil Drago San has finally been caught, but the Judges have a big problem. His crimes are so abominable and so global that his high profile demands that Mega-City One will have to give him something it has never given before: a fair trial!


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Deciders #2The Deciders #2

Devah versus Decoda!

Will Lilyth’s plan to control both twins succeed or is she asking for double trouble?

Plus, a surprising revelation about Joseph Caine is revealed!

Written by Jocelyn Potter

Art by Santiago Espina, Liezl Buenaventura, and Nathan Massengill


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Graphic Novels in the ClassroomGraphic Novels and Comics in Libraries and Archives

To say that graphic novels, comics, and other forms of sequential art have become a major part of popular culture and academia would be a vast understatement. Now an established component of library and archive collections across the globe, graphic novels are proving to be one of the last kinds of print publications actually gaining in popularity.

Full of practical advice and innovative ideas for librarians, educators, and archivists, this book provides a wide-reaching look at how graphic novels and comics can be used to their full advantage in educational settings.

Topics include the historically tenuous relationship between comics and librarians; the aesthetic value of sequential art; the use of graphic novels in library outreach services; collection evaluations for both American and Canadian libraries; cataloging tips and tricks; and the swiftly growing realm of webcomics.


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekOrphans #1
by Red Stylo Media

Chapter 1, Systems of Control

Systems Of Control Alexis Quinn is a uniquely 21st century Robin Hood, stealing technology from killers and redistributing it where it will do the most good.

ORPHANS is the story of Alexis Quinn, a discarded super-soldier who leads a team of rogue superhuman assassins. They’re out to take down the military-industrial complex that created and then abandoned them, ripping the technology out of the hands of killers and using it to save lives instead.

Art by Branko Jovanovic, with color by Jesse Heagsta.

The series is created, written and lettered by Ohio-native, Eric Palicki, a writer of comics, prose, essays, reviews, technical documents, and anything else he can convince people to pay for. His work has most recently appeared online at Man Cave Daily.

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New at

ArchangelBlake’s 7: Archangel

When an old friend of Blake’s – believed to have been murdered five years earlier by the Federation – is discovered alive in a labour camp on Sigma Minor, the rebels decide to mount a daring rescue attempt. But the talented cybernetic engineer Blake once knew is a shadow of his former self. His memory has been wiped, his family are prisoners of the Federation, and his name is inextricably linked to a sinister project known only by a codename: Archangel.

Archangel: an ultra-secret experiment so dangerous, so horrific, so terrifying that it was shut down by the High Council and ordered never to be reopened. Until now.

This time, death may be the Liberator crew’s best option.


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Newest Free Products

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #579–Adventures of Superman and Daredevil
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Steve Harvey Presents Roopster Roux #0
by Blue Water Productions

Check out behind the scenes of this cult classic all ages story featuring Comedian Steve Harvey and crimestopper Roopster Roux once again bring justice to their town by fighting a new threat-Victor Vain. Convinced the world would be a better place if ever…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #578–New Warriors and Afterlife with Archie
by Secret Identity

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Wrath of the Titans: Cyclops #0
by Blue Water Productions

Check out behind the scenes of this new animated all-ages version of “Wrath of the Titans”. It’s FREE! Greek gods and the monsters of myth collide in this new all-ages series! Perseus is the star but Greek Myth will be discovered and explored a…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #577–The Fuse and Turok
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Newest Titles

Vincent Price Presents Black and White #3
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $3.99 $2.99

Night Moves focuses on a dark world, a secret world, in which our intrepid hero is in way over her head. As the darkness begins to spread around her entire life, she is desperate to get answers about what is really going on in her town. Fear the night in …

Political Power: Chris Christie
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $3.99 $2.99

Can Chris Christie navigate the often treacherous waters of presidential politics and remain New Jersey’s favorite son? Read the story of Christie’s rise to power, the formation of his political platform, and his devotion to his home state. Ne…

Orbit: JRR Tolkien: The True Lord of the Rings en español
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $3.99 $2.99

He imagined realms of wizards, orcs, and hobbits and elevated fantasy from pulp to respected literature. J.R.R. Tolkien, the iconic author who captivated generations with his rich and complex mythology of Middle Earth, is the subject of his own tale in a…

Tales of the Emerald Yeti #3
by Near Mint Press
Price: $3.99 $0.99

The Emerald Yeti, still struggling to adjust to civilian life in his new furry, mechanical body, is haunted by the horrific memories of his time in Vietnam.   Attempting to bury the past in a sea of alcohol, he draws the attention of a mysteriou…

mr. bunny & circle-head
by Near Mint Press
Price: $7.99 $1.99

Mr. bunny and circle-head first appeared in the Kentucky Kernel newspaper in the early 1990s. This book collects all the strips together for the first time. Mr. bunny and circle-head is an odd and cute comic strip featuring rudimentary drawings and bizarr…

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