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DriveThruComics have released this weeks digital comics available online to download directly!


Games and Comics have crossed over for many years with some amazingly cool RPGs based on comic book properties and some very cool comics adapted from RPG settings. We’ve got a huge sale going on now with plenty of cool comics and games discounted 30%. Here are just a few highlights:

Save 30% on these and dozens more RPGs and Comics in the GM’s Day Sale going on now!

Read for new releases from Top Cow Productions, Aspen Comics, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Bluewater Productions, and more!

Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productFreshmen #1
by Top Cow

“Introduction to Super Powers 101” Pt. 1 of 6

What if a group of college freshmen suddenly got amazing superpowers?

What if the powers were based on exactly what they were thinking at the moment?

You’d get the Intoxicator, who burps at his foes to make them drunk. Or Quaker, the Amish kid who created earthquakes with his belly. You’d get a kid who can talk to plants-and is stalked by the plant who loves him. You’d get a fearless leader who desperately wants superpowers, but is left out of the bonanza. 

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleCharismagic V1 #4
by Aspen Comics

Everything you thought you knew about magic will… Vanish.

Journey into a world where the lines between magic and reality are blurred…And where one man will soon find himself as the last remaining hope for all mankind.

Hank, Sudana and Sparkles make their way into the treacherous jungles of Costa Rica in search of the wizard Kon for help. Yet, their journey may end before it even begins when they encounter The Guardians, magical panthers tasked with protecting the temple of Kon-who may or may not be allies to their cause. Inside Kon’s temple, the ancient wizard battles the newly returned Samsun, but the tides of magic power have shifted-and not in his favor.

In the Void Realm, Hector and Alle’s capture by a mystical shaman will provide a glimmer of hope to the pair stuck in the hellish landscape of the Void, but will they be able to survive in order to enjoy it?

$2.99 $1.99

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Featured TitleArtifacts #35
by Top Cow


Mercenary Michael Finnegan just can’t catch a break.

Whether he is running guns or stealing mystical Artifacts for hire, all of his clients seem to double-cross him in the end…especially when he is paid to face-off against Ember Stone bearer Glorianna Silver!


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Featured TitleDead End Boys #1
by Blue Water Productions

Nicky Trainor grew up in a working class South Boston neighborhood. In and out of trouble growing up, Nicky ran with a neighborhood gang who called themselves the Dead End Boys.

After Nicky’s cousin Mikey was shot and killed by a rival gang member, Nicky cleaned himself up and at the age of 22 joined the Boston Police Department.

$3.99 $1.99

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Lookouts #6Lookouts #6

Based on a property by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, the creative minds behind the wildly popular Penny Arcade webcomic.

In this exciting issue, the Lookouts confrontation with the Sphinx reaches its peak and we learn about Eli’s true abilities. 


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Steel Creek #1Steel Creek #1

Steel Creek introduces former Confederate Colonel William Hanover. He and his men have escaped pledging allegiance to the Union in hopes of finding a place where they can reign free. They settle upon Steel Creek, where they employ outlaws and promise to protect the people so long as they don’t cross the Colonel of his men.

The Colonel becomes intrigued when a group of men arrive in Steel Creek followed by a mysterious drifter, a bounty hunter named Jim Hammer. While the Colonel attempts to employ Hammer, the bounty hunter insists he works alone and displays what he is capable of. The question, however, is why has Hammer come to Steel Creek, and why does the Colonel feel a connection to him?


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IC #84Internal Correspondence #84 (Comics and Graphic Novels, Movies & TV)

Internal Correspondence #84 (Comics and Graphic Novels, Movies & TV) covers the business of comics, graphic novels, and manga.

This issue includes the 2013 market reports for graphic novels ; a look at what’s selling and why; numerous reviews; the ICv2 Top Properties for Winter 2013; and the Pick Hits to Click for Summer 2014.


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Blood Red ArmyFiends of the Eastern Front: The Blood Red Army

Russian casualties are dying to get back into the war…

Leningrad 1942. Winter has halted the Nazi invasion of Russia, but the city is still besieged by German troops. Red Army soldiers and civilians are starving to death, but they refuse to surrender. As night falls on Leningrad, the Russians are horrified to see their comrades rising from the dead to join the attack against them.

One of the bloodiest conflicts in World War II is the backdrop for all-out zombie war as Lord Constanta and his elite cadre of Rumanian vampyr warriors continue to sow unholy terror among the allies.


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LeafSmall Press Heroes #1c

They came from the sky!!! Thousands of ships raining down from the stars and bringing death and destruction until the earth’s heroes banded together to save the planet!’

Small Press Heroes is the cooperation of dozens of creators to bring their creator owned characters to print in one cohesive story. Join the Golden Age Leaf, Seer, White Shadow and others as they save humanity…


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekThe Uniques Season 1 Omnibus
by Comfort Love and Adam Withers

It is the autumn of 1996, and as a group of young heroes grapple with the psychological scars left by a painful conflict, a dark and vast conspiracy unfolds around them. At their weakest point since first coming together, the teens are torn nearly to the breaking point by the internal battle for the direction of their team.

All the while a secret, shadowy cabal stretching all the way to the highest levels of government is unleashing a violent plot to usurp control of the country. Caught in the middle and entirely on their own, the team must battle foes that are more powerful than any they’ve ever encountered. Outmatched, outnumbered, and outclassed, the one fight they never wanted is now the one fight they cannot afford to lose. Husband and Wife creators Comfort Love and Adam Withers bring you the third volume of The Uniques, set in a world where the super is common, but heroes are not.

The Uniques is a book about growing up. It’s about idealism and determination, about youth and hope, and about compromise. It’s about friends. In the wake of an international tragedy the likes of which have never been seen, seven teens come together to try and do some good. While they’re at it, they change the world. The Uniques is a story of kids who dream big, and the adults they become. It’s about a world where people can fly, but where we still haven’t truly learned to break through the glass ceiling. But that ceiling is about to be blown away, and what comes next will shake the foundations of the Earth…

This volume collects issues 1 – #9 of The Uniques series, and includes an in-depth production sketchbook section and gallery.


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Newest Free Products

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #577–The Fuse and Turok
by Secret Identity

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Rocky Mountain Rangers
by VanDragon Studio

 More than FREE!! Here is your chance to influence comic book history. Each of these characters is fully designed, but awaiting their new superhero titles. Help me choose the nom de gerre for each, and enter to win a free years subscribtion to VanDra…

Co-Op #1
by CE Publishing Group

The post apocalyptic world is both a hostile and beautiful place.  Follow the adventures of nomadic clans, hidden worlds and the observing remains of a once untouchable technological threat.  Both sides of every dilemna have answers for each oth…



Newest Products

Beyond Adaptation
by McFarland
Price: $45.00 $14.99

Essays on Radical Transformations of Original Works Some film and novel revisions go so far beyond adaptation that they demand a new designation. This critical collection explores movies, plays, essays, comics and video games that supersede adaptation to…

Disney Voice Actors: A Biographical Dictionary
by McFarland
Price: $75.00 $24.99

This biographical dictionary is devoted to the actors who provided voices for all the Disney animated theatrical shorts and features from the 1928 Mickey Mouse cartoon Steamboat Willie to the 2010 feature film Tangled. More than 900 men, women, and child …

Charismagic V1 #4
by Aspen Comics
Price: $2.99 $1.99

Everything you thought you knew about magic will… Vanish. Journey into a world where the lines between magic and reality are blurred…And where one man will soon find himself as the last remaining hope for all mankind. Hank, Sudana and Sparkles make…

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