Ultimate Spider-Man, Aquaman & Captain America Digital Comics Sales Now On!

To kick off April, Comixology have a selection of digital comics and digital collections on sale!

Amazing April Sales
Aquaman by Geoff Johns 99 Cents Sale Ultimate Spider-Man Sale
Dive into the adventures of the King of the Seas and get over 100 comics for just 99¢ each! Experience these must-read comics in cinematic Guided View and be sure to check out Aquaman’s newest series, Aquaman and The Others, tomorrow! Sale ends 4/7 Get 199 comics starring Ultimate Spider-Man for just $99.99 when you purchase our exclusive bundle, or pick up your favorite single issues for 99¢ each. Experience these sensational comics in cinematic Guided View! Hurry! Sale ends 4/3
Captain America Collections Sale
Get caught up on all things Captain America in this collection sale! Featuring some of the best stories starring Steve Rogers, these star spangled collections need to be experienced in cinematic Guided View. Sale ends 4/7
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