Digital Comics Review: Massacre For Boys Picture Library #1

Batten down the hatches because this one is going to blow your mind! The Massacre For Boys are back in town for the biggest comic we’ve ever produced.
Gaze in awe at unstoppable avians in Walking Wounded: Emu War!
Follow The Crusader into a blood-soaked factory of death!
Admire The Zen Fusilier as he combats the scourge of vampirism!
Applaud the unbelievable flare of Bosher’s Goals!
Marvel at the real-life heroism of Thirty Kroner Kincaid!
Swell with pride as Britain conquers Mars!
Finally discover how the First World War was won by the cricketing prowess of The Boys From Bashley!
Witness the day you never thought would come as Jimmy Baker Animal Hatmaker calls for backup!
Engage your brain to solve the terrifying mystery of the death of Sue Per before Sci-Fi sleuth Mustard!
Then, relax. Mmmmmm.
By Chris Denton, Steven Denton, David Frankum, Bolt-01, Greg Meldrum, John Caliber, Nikki Foxrobot, Owen Watts, David Herstal, Nathan Webb and Tim West.


Part Eagle, part 2000AD and part something else, this anthology give credence to the ‘circus idea’ for comics that 2000AD do so well. – If you don’t like the clowns, you may like the acrobats..

There is some wild and fun stories here which hit the right note for their target audience. There is a combination of action, adventure and humour which doesn’t feel forced or thrown in for the sake of it.

Kicking off in Australia we get to see another vicious creature from that country, in a fun, but gory way to kick off. Personally, I would like to see a whole series like this! Imaging a future world where humanity fights a last ditch battle against EMU’s!

Next we get a bit of a superhero story with The Crusader and an accomplace. Again this could lead into something longer as there are enough hints involved.

The Zen Fusilier was a story I really enjoyed – it gave me a feel of Develin Waugh (which is a compliment) with some really nice tight storytelling and a good beginning, middle and end!

Bosher’s Goals combined a bit of Viz, Striker and every football cliche you can think of, and it makes a fun read – especially for followers of the current game!

Thirty Kroner Kincaid is a nice historical? war story with a fun twist at the end from World War II

While The Boys From Bashley gives an excellent yarn from WWI!

Breaking the pace after these we get a nice bit of continued humour from Jimmy Baker – Animal Hatmaker (which does exactly what it says!)

Finally some prose to break it up, and we get through the 44 pages pretty quickly. The storytelling is all excellent, and although there are different art styles the art continues to be excellent.

You can get the digital version of this title from Comicsy here

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