Digital Comics On DriveThruComics: Justice Machine, Tales of Honor, Anniversary Sale & More

DriveThruComics have released this weeks digital comics available to download online, as well as details on their sale celebrating the 10th anniversary of DriveThruRPG



DriveThruRPG is turning 10 and DriveThruComics wouldn’t be possible without DriveThruRPG to pave the way so we’re celebrating with an amazing array of deals from awesome publishers!

10 exciting digital comics for only $10!

The DTRPG 10th Anniversary Comics Bundle features Cyberforce, Judge Dredd, Mouse Guard, Archer & Armstrong, The Uniques, and more!

Want even more awesome deals?

The DTRPG 10th Anniversary Fiction Bundle features Matt Forbeck’s Brave New World, Space: 1889, The Queen of Crows, and more!

The DTRPG 10th Anniversary RPG Bundle includes pulp action RPGs like Adventure, Firefly, and Spycraft!

The 2nd DTRPG 10th Anniversary RPG Bundle has cool games like Necessary Evil, Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, Fae Noir, and more!

These Bundles are on sale for only $10 each, so scoop ’em up today!

Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productDellac #0
by Aspen Comics

Sometimes, evil should be afraid.

His name is Dellec. A working class family man. A highly skilled metal fabricator. A man who will be forced to risk everything — including his own existence, to purge the world of all its treacherous forms of ill repute.

However, what if that evil he seeks to destroy is also the very same force that created him? And what if this being was more than mortal altogether?

The blazing fires of damnation reign down upon one man in this epic tale of vengeance, loss, and despair as Dellec attempts to not only battle immortality itself, but also the very perception of faith its strength is built upon.

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleBroken Pieces #1
by Aspen Comics

“Together We’re Unstoppable”

What is lost in life is found in…death!

Aspen Comic’s newest original series, BROKEN PIECES, starts now!In a not too distant future torn apart by a deadly biological catastrophe, doctors Richard and Gabriella Adams stood on the verge of a scientific breakthrough-a cure to the epidemic spreading across North America, splitting the population between those that are plagued-and those in power that are not. However, their union of research and marriage is tragically ripped in two, and Richard soon discovers that he has to sacrifice everything in order to piece together a hope for humanity and put the shattered remains of his life back together again.

Written and created by Aspen’s own Mark Roslan and featuring stunning artwork by newcomer and series artist Micah Kaneshiro, BROKEN PIECES will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish!

$3.50 $1.99

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Featured Title2000 AD Sci-Fi Summer Special 2014
by Rebellion Publishing Ltd

This staple of the holiday season is back with old 2000 AD favourites from our best new talent.It features a roster of up-and-coming droids such as Emma Beeby, Eoin Coveney, Arthur Wyatt, Jake Lynch, Alec Worley, Mark Simmons, Robert Murphy, Duane Redhead, Guy Adams and Darren Douglas tackling some of the Galaxy’s Greatest most iconic characters, including Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, Robo-Hunter, Durham Red and Sov assassin Orlok.

$5.99 $1.99

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Featured TitleRemnants #1
by Hound Comics

Remnants #1

In 2015 AD, the UN approved of a worldwide activation of a machine that would generate unlimited, clean energy that would be distributed to everyone via airwaves. A few people opposed this and some even moved underground. They only became right when there was a miscalculation: Once the machine was turned on, everybody’s brain got “fried” and almost all human and animal life died. Those underground who were smart enough to install the proper “shielding” in their habitats survived. They had to stay underground and outlast the Energy Generator. They finally got out after 52 years when the machine finally stopped functioning due to lack of maintenance.

A new form of government was formed around “Lawbringers”, “Relic Tecs”, “Gatherers”, “Traders” and “Hunters”.

$5.00 $2.99

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Justice MachineJustice Machine: Object of Power

The gears of justice roll on in a new graphic novel by best-selling author Mark (Doc Savage, Outlanders) Ellis, David (Batman/Superman, Infinity, Inc,) Enebral and Ivan (Legend of Isis) Barriga.

The Justice Machine fought to destroy tyranny on two worlds–but nearly twenty years ago they vanished, never to be seen again.

Until now! The Machine’s explosive return plunges them into a nightmarish landscape of two realities warring for dominion! The team races to thwart a dark destiny awaiting all humanity if they fail to stop an unspeakable evil from gaining a foothold to the future!


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Tales of Honor #2Tales of Honor #2


Based on the best-selling military science fiction novels by David Weber, this original comic book series introduces spaceship captain Honor Harrington on the eve of her execution. From prison, Honor relays her epic adventures, starting with a command outpost to a hellish backwater star system that ends up being the lynchpin of an interstellar crisis that will bring war to her home planet. This series is part of a new multi-platform story world that includes a mobile game app to be released with the first issue and a feature film currently in development.


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Brass Sun #1Brass Sun #1

The Orrery is a clockwork solar system where planets whirl on vast metal arms and the sun of cogs is worshipped as a god. But the sun is dying, the planets are freezing one by one, and cults burn as heretics those who warn of the danger. To save her home, young Wren knows she must first escape it and find the key to restart the sun.

An incredible new SF-clockpunk series from the bestselling artist of New Deadwardians and the hit writer of Scarlet Traces and Hinterkind.


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Jirni #1Jirni V2 #1

Ara is a warrior-princess with the blood of the mystical D’jinn flowing through her. Powerful, brave, and capable, she is determined to finish her quest to find her kidnapped mother, no matter what obstacles may fall in her path. But, the desert she wanders through seems endless, and something is hunting her. Or is it the other way around?


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Quasimodo's TaleSaint Germaine: Quasimodo’s Tale

Over a game of chess the immortal Saint Germaine tells the tale of Quasimodo and the tragic events surrounding the cathedral of Notre Dame to his opponent and author Victor Hugo. Saint Germaine is a being who claims immortality yet has died a thousand deaths. He has traversed the paths of mankind for untold years. He is the purveyor of light in a world slowly being consumed by shadows. He is Saint Germaine and death to him is nothing more than a state of consciousness.

Long associated with being a magician in the era of the Mages, the legacy of St. Germaine lives on in such mysterious organizations as the Knights Templar and the Masonic Brotherhood. Revered by men such as Casanova and Cagliostro, even Frederick the Great called him “The Man Who Could Not Die.”


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekExtinctioners: The Road To Extinction
by Angry Viking Press

After years being out of print, now you can read the first full arc of original Extinctioners main story.

Collecting the main story from Issues 1-5 published years ago under Shanda Fantasy Arts in black and white now reproduced for the first time through Angry Viking Press!

It was a time for celebration. The budding of young romances, the coming of age transition from child to young adult, and the promising hope of the future.

Katherine Fela and Scarlet Starfox’s lives could not have been more different from one another, but the appearance of alien invaders would forever intertwine their destines.

$29.99 $13.99

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New at

SinnerSinner by Greg Stolze


Ever since the 1950s, the world has thrilled to impossible heroes… when it’s not the plaything of monstrous villains.  But however fierce the clashes between Egghead and Lab Rat, or Javelin and Black Marvel, the one thing none of them can do is explain the source or nature of their abilities.  Humanity can only watch as powers in defiance of physics assault their cities, hopiong some equally inexplicable savior comes to their defense.


As ‘Sinner,’ Hector Lear has battled the best and fought alongside the worst.  When he turns himself in to police who could never catch him, and submits to a prison that could never hold him, the heroes are suspicious and the public is vengeful.  In his own sardonic words, he tells us his story.  Chapter by chapter, he demonstrates the thin line between truth and lies, good and evil, and how difficult it is to cross over.

Or how easy.


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Newest Free Products

Homecoming Preview
by Aspen Comics

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to High School…Aspen Comics proudly presents an all-new series created by Michael Turner, Scott Lobdell and David Wohl. HOMECOMING! Hunter Wilson is just an average American teenager in an average American t…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #597–Big Trouble in Little China
by Secret Identity

Download Location of the Week: White Plains, NY Get Our Books:Lovecraft’s Curse: the King in Yellow: Manowar: Centurion:

Dellac #0
by Aspen Comics

Sometimes, evil should be afraid. His name is Dellec. A working class family man. A highly skilled metal fabricator. A man who will be forced to risk everything — including his own existence, to purge the world of all its treacherous forms of ill reput…



Newest Titles

San Hannibal #2
by Pop! Goes the Icon
Price: $2.99 $0.99

“The Corpse Broker”: Private detective Avery’s search for missing photojournalist Savannah Loy finds him once again crossing paths with rock singer Diane Thrax as she leads him into the shadowy—and violent—underbelly of San Hannibal….

Shotgun Wedding #2
by Top Cow
Price: $3.99

Mike Stone wants nothing more than to marry the woman of his dreams. Denise is smart, sexy, teaches the second grade, and loves Mike more than anything in the world. What she doesn’t know is that Mike is one of the world’s top assassins and wa…

Cyberforce Vol 4 #9
by Top Cow
Price: $2.99

RIPCLAW UNTAMED!Ripclaw had a wife, a son, and his anonymity before Velocity stumbled into his life with a trigger-happy convoy of S.H.O.C.s on her tail. Now it’s time for payback.

Quatermain: Ghosts of the Nzadi #2
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $3.99 $2.99

Myth, magic and reality start to blur as Quatermain continues his quest to find the body of his son, and faces his greatest foe; his own guilt. But time is running short and Quatermain must track down a powerful shaman that might hold the key to the myste…

Vincent Price: Night Terror #2
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $3.99 $2.99

The epic anothology series continues with a new story featuring the master of horror Vincent Price. Leave the lights on when reading this….you have been warned and enjoy “Behind Blue Eyes”. Recommended for ages 12+ The First Download Comic Shop

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