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In a world ravaged by an unknown male-specific virus, mankind’s last hope lies in a genetically enhanced soldier.

Cover of issue #1 by J.L.Giles
Cover of issue #1 by J.L.Giles


UTF is a gritty blast of sex, horror, sci-fi, and dabbles in various sub-themes like evolution, spirituality, and transhumanism. A comic that strays away from the traditional viral story by accentuating a premeditated reason behind the virus, as opposed to leaving the origin of the outbreak as a common question mark.

To a degree, Under the Flesh is kinda Y: The Last Man meets The Walking Dead andCaptain America.

It’s been two months since Desolation Day, when an unknown male-specific virus ravaged the world, degenerating men into savage cannibals called “fleshers.”


Ruben Lobos, is a short-tempered, genetically enhanced soldier, who’s clueless about his abilities since the pathogen struck at the same time of his experiment. He’s interestingly surrounded by a diverse cast of strong female characters in a dying world where women outnumber men.


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