The Heart of the Hollow World #4 Now Available On Scrollon

The Heart of the Hollow World #4, “East” is now available on the Scrollon App for iOS. Emery, Pru and Quigley arrive in New York circa 1898. You think going to the center of the Earth is all adventure and romance? Sometimes you have to hobnob with the rich and famous to raise money for your expedition.

“When I started this chapter for Hollow World I was excited by the opportunity to draw the streets of Manhattan and the luminaries that populated the turn of the century era,” says creator Doug Lefler. “Then I was terrorized by amount of work I created for myself. The research needed was challenging but I’m happy with how it turned out and hope readers will be satisfied as well.”

To read The Heart of the Hollow World #4, “East” download the app HERE.

Earlier chapters of Hollow World are currently available for free in the form of Scrollon Episodics at:

Here is a special WIP of an upcoming scene for our Newsletter readers. Lots of dinosaurs to come…

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