Comixology Submit Digital Comics For August 2014


Comixology have released a look at a selection of their digital comics available via their Comixology Submit program!

Upgrade Soul Vol. 1
Discover the story of an elderly couple who volunteer for a visionary rejuvenation procedure and what happens when there are severe complications resulting in deformed, intellectually superior clones. Experience this beautifully illustrated title in Guided View!
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Doc Unknown Vol. 2
By Fabian Rangel Jr., Phil Sloan, and more
In this follow up to the hit Kickstarter project, pulp action hero Doc Unknown returns to battle new and even more dangerous enemies who are wreaking havoc in Gate City. Don’t miss this chapter featuring art by some of the best indie comic artists.
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Silver Vol. 1
By Stephan Franck
Bringing Bram Stoker’s universe into the pulp era of the 1930s,Silver Vol. 1 collects the first three issues of the series and introduces James Finnigan, a witty but soulless con man, who sets out to separate the living-dead from their precious silver.
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Head Lopper #1
By Andrew MacLean
Follow the adventures of the mighty swordsman Norgal and his unlikely companion, the severed head of a witch, as they attempt to survive a terrifying island and each other’s company. Don’t miss this must-read fantasy-comedy series.
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House Party
By Rachael Smith
A perfect story for the “lost generation”, House Party follows three 20-somethings, Michelle, Siobhan, and Neil, who struggle to adapt to life in the real world after graduating from university where they used to be superstars.
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Doc Frakenstein #1
By Andy and Lana Wachowski and Steve Skroce
Written by the creators of The Matrix with art by Steve Skroce and Geoff Darrow, this comic is the first issue in a series about Frankenstein’s monster as he attempts to save the world from terrifying monsters.
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Dream Life Vol. 1
By Salgood Sam
First in a two part story, Dream Life, a 161-page visual narrative illustrated in a detailed neorealist style, tells the story of five friends confronted with failed dreams and fantasy lives. Check out the title that Mark Waid couldn’t put down.
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The Sleep of Reason
By Hillary Blair, Ty Blauresouth, and more
The Sleep of Reason is a unique and unsettling anthology featuring 26 original black-and-white horror stories from a variety of creators. There are no zombies, vampires, or werewolves. Instead, it is filled with new landscapes of dread.
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Number #1
By Box Brown
Read the first volume of Box Brown’s new ongoing anthology series! Don’t miss these slice of life stories featuring one story about a young fan’s run-in with a legendary wrestler and another about the life of a documentary filmmaker.
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