2000AD Horror Digital Comics Sale

2000AD have a great sale on their online store!


It's going to be a hauntingly half-price Hallowe'en this year thanks to 50% off horror-themed digital GNs in the 2000 AD webshop and app sale! Until Monday 3rd November, Tharg the Generous is knocking these digital graphic novels down to HALF PRICE:

Caballistics Inc. – Underground & Caballistics Inc. – Creepshow
Bought up by reclusive rock star Ethan Kostabi, the British World War Two anti-Nazi occult department is rebranded 'Caballistics, Inc.' But as they battle the supernatural, there are dangerous secrets within that threaten to tear the organisation apart… Written by Gordon Rennie (Department of Monsterology) and illustrated by Dom Reardon, this story of occult horror shows 2000 AD at its chilling best.

Absalom – Ghosts of London
Written by Gordon Rennie and drawn by Tiernen Trevallion, it's cops and horrors as veteran copper Detective Inspector Harry Absalom heads a special squad that enforces The Accord – a diplomatic treaty made in the 16th Century between the throne of England and Hell. If any demonic entities step out of line Harry and his team will track the infernal offenders down.

After serving in a Young Offenders Institution for arson, Shane Holt returns to the Ravenglade Estate during a long, hot summer. The estate has seen its fair share of problems but nothing comes close to the horror that lurks within Ted and Mary’s council home… From John Smith (Devlin Waugh, Indigo Prime) and Edmund Bagwell comes a chilling 'Hoodie horror'.

Stone Island
David Sorrell has been imprisoned in one of the country’s most forbidding jails, Longbarrow Maximum Security, for the murder of his wife and her lover. But when a strange infection starts warping the inmates into hideous creatures, life behind bars suddenly becomes a desperate struggle for survival! Written by Ian Edginton (Hinterkind) with art by Simon Davis (Sláine), Stone Island is modern horror at its bloody best!

Ampney Crucis Investigates… Vile Bodies
England, 1928: after a close encounter with an otherworldly entity in No Man’s Land during the Great War, Lord Ampney Crucis finds he can sense the presence of entities that exist beyond our reality. Aided by his loyal butler Eddie Cromwell, Crucis investigates the rum goings-on that have begun to plague our green and pleasant land… Written by Ian Edginton with art by Simon Davis, this first collection of Ampney Crucis’ supernatural adventures belongs in any gentleman’s comic collection!

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