Crossed 2014 Special Digital Comic Out This Week From Avatar Press

New this week from Avatar Press this week on Comixology.

New Avatar Press comic books coming to ComiXology Wednesday 10/22/14:

Crossed 2014 Special

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Justin Jordan locks us in our nightmares as this Special takes Crossed2014Special-Regus to Federal Prison! Jesse Bullock is not a good man, but a very hard man. Down for armed robbery and assault, the only crimes they were able to prove, he has but one good quality: he loves his cousin Otis. When they end up imprisoned at the same jail, Jesse intentionally gets himself denied parole to make sure he’s there to protect Otis, who isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. But that job gets much harder when the Crossed spread inside those escape-proof walls! Jordan and artist Fernando (Stitched, Crossed) Heinz unleashes this new oversized horror tale that will scar your fragile mind with depraved misery.

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