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UNFASHIONED CREATURES, A Frankenstein Anthology, is a collection of original comic art and stories inspired by Mary Shelley's classic horror novel “Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus.” Grab the Bundle and save 50% off the regular price of the collection!

Just in time Halloween, the Bluewater Horror Pack features creepy crawly tales including Vincent Price Presents, Blackstone Chronicles, Warlock, and more! 10 Horror Comics for only $10!

The Judge Dredd 2000 AD Bundle blends games with comics all about your favorite lawman! It features the Judge Dredd RPG from Mongoose Publishing alonside the Judge Dredd: Originsgraphic novel and the Kingdom of the Blind novel! A savings of 52%!

The Sky Pirates Adventure Bundle features the complete (so far) Sky Pirates of Valendor series!

X-O ManowarIn addition to the above Bundle deals, we've got some incredible trade collections that have arrived recently, including:

Read on for new arrivals from Top Cow Productions, Story Studios, Do Gooder Press, and more!


Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productPs238 #0
by Do Gooder Press

Ps238, the school for metaprodigy children, is the first public school for the offspring of superheroes. Before it became a 50+ issue title, it had its start as short, multi-page comics that were a backup feature for other publications. Here, those original tales have been collected as the ps238 Student Handbook!

Take a look at the beginnigs of this ongoing look at the lives of extraordinary kids with even more extraordinary abilities! Then check back in for more adventures at ps238!

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Other Featured Titles

Featured Title10th Muse: Rebirth
by Blue Water Productions

10th Muse has been named one of Wizard magazine's Top 10 Comics!

The 10th Muse meets Victoria's Secret Service for the 1st time. Greek mythology has documented the nine Muses, the inspirational daughters of the almighty Zeus. But history forgot one– the 10th Muse. Introducing this very special collected edition, written by 10th Muse creator Darren G. Davis and featuring art by Batgirl's Vincente Cifuentes.

Collects Volume 2 #5 – #8 and contains bonus content.

Note: Intended for teen readers and older.

10th Muse created by Darren G. Davis

$15.99 $5.99

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Featured TitleUnity Volume 1: To Kill a King
by Valiant Comics

To kill a king…they created an army.

The world’s most dangerous man, Toyo Harada, has been struck by the one thing he never thought possible – fear. Halfway across the globe, a new power threatens to topple modern civilization and, to preempt the cataclysm that is to come, Harada will unite the most unforgiving team the world has ever known – UNITY.

Their mission: defeat the threat responsible for the destruction of MI-6, the decimation of an alien world, and the occupation of Eastern Europe… Unseat the warrior king armed with the universe’s most powerful weapon… Kill X-O Manowar!

Collecting UNITY #1-4 by New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT) and superstar artist Doug Braithwaite (Justice), discover the greatest heroes of the Valiant Universe right here with the landmark first arc of the chart-topping series that Ain’t It Cool News calls “completely satisfying.”

$14.99 $9.99

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Featured TitleSin Eternal – Return to Dante's Inferno (Graphic Novel)
by Caliber Comics

Sin Eternal is more than just a re-tooling of the immortal classic, Dante's Inferno. It plants itself firmly in the modern world and away from the political crimes that dominated Dante's work.

Sin Eternal brings a very basic questioning of a man's faith as he witnesses some of the most horrendous punishments that could be exacted.

Sin Eternal covers the travels of a man who is sent to Hell to examine the various torments and punishments that the sinners of Earth are forced to face each moment of eternity. From the slovenly gluttons to the fates of the suicides, from the heretics to the thieves, a variety of different levels are covered. From the ferry of Charon, this man is taken into the very depths of evil. And all is not as it appears. Chicago's New Age Magazine calls Sin Eternal “…a most distinguished and thought-provoking piece of work.”

Featuring artwork from numerous artists as they depict various levels of Hell in their own unique style.

Collects issues 1-5.

$14.99 $7.99

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Death Vigil #2Death Vigil #2

Clara Jenkins never had many friends. Then she joined Death Vigil…and she gained many friends.

The end!

Oh…and of course there is that whole small print deal about the League of Necromancers who aligned themselves with a world-devouring enemy of all life, can summon unholy abominations to do their bidding, and seek to destroy the vigil above all else…


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Savage #1Savage #1

Meet Christian Savage, vampire hunter in the wildest backlands of the Wild West. Abandoned by his parents at birth and raised by a kindly priest, Savage was momentarily lured to the black arts of the occult and it cost him the life of the priest.

Now Savage roams the countryside ridding the frontier of the supernatural enemies of civilization, attempting to make the Wild West safe for homesteaders, until his mission brings him to the last two people on Earth he never expected to meet.


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Aspen #2Aspen Extended #2

A two part special collecting together Geoff Johns and Michael Turner's complete Fathom story from the original three Aspen issues, this incredible Extended Edition also contains a whole lot more!

Over six new pages of brand-new art and story have been added, including an entirely new ending!

Fathom created by Michael Turner.


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DarknessDarkness: Close Your Eyes #1

ALES KOT (Zero, Wild Children) joins MARO OLEKSICKI (Judge Dredd, Predator, Books of Magick) to deliver this special Darkness one-shot!

Los Angeles more than a hundred years ago: a different place, yet the sun still burns down the ground and the oilfields flow.

This is a story of another Estacado. This is a story of love. This is a story of death.


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BloodshotBloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps #21


Bloodshot! Archer! H.A.R.D. Corps! Armstrong! It all comes down to this!!

“Mission: Improbable” rockets into its explosive climax as four world-shattering forces collide! Will Bloodshot re-capture Archer for Project Rising Spirit…or is a double-cross in the works?!

Will H.A.R.D. Corps figure out how you kill an immortal like Armstrong…or are they going home in body bags?

Only one thing’s for certain…it doesn’t matter who loses — you win!


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Saturn 17Johnny Saturn Unlimited 17

This is it–Johnny Saturn vs. Dr. Wissenschaft, and only one will emerge alive! This battle has been brewing since issue 1, and now it ends decisively.

This issue is marked with a betrayal that will shock you, alliances that will confound you, and an ending that turns well-known plot lines on their heads.


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekJudge Dredd: The Complete Case Files #13
by Rebellion Publishing Ltd


Mega-City One 2111AD, and the streets are awash with crime perpetrated by all manner of rogue citizens, whether it be a murderous child genius or a super-intelligent rottweiler called Rex. There is a solution to this problem and his name is Judge Dredd.

Judge, jury and executioner, Dredd is the ultimate future cop!

Written by comic-legends John Wagner (A History of Violence) and Alan Grant (Batman) and featuring art by world-renown artists Colin MacNeil (Judge Dredd: America), Carlos Ezquerra (Preacher) and Cam Kennedy (Star Wars) amongst others, this is another essential volume in the Case Files collection!


$24.99 $9.99

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Strange New WordsStrange New Words: Tales of Heroism, Hi-jinks, and Horror

Windows into the fantastic, from crypts to cobras, swords to submarines, rubies to railroads, heaven to hell and places stranger still.

Heroes, horrors, and hijinks–both original to this collection and reprinted from a variety of sources–from the mind of Ari Marmell, author of The Conqueror’s Shadow,The Goblin Corps, Darksiders: the Abomination Vault, the Widdershins Adventures series, and more.


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Newest Free Products

Self Publisher! Magazine #78
by Dimestore Productions

Self-Publisher Magazine! The 78th issue of Self-Publisher Magazine! is here. This October 2014 issue is one packed with information. Inside you will find in-depth interviews with: Alan Cole, Dave Welcher and Jose LoeriKasey QuevedoAlex Thompson …

Fathom: Cannon Hawke #0
by Aspen Comics

Straight out of the pages of Fathom! Fueled with courage and surrounded by mystery, Cannon Hawke, the lone Fathom hero, debuts in his own special issue! The chosen guardian of Fathom's Aspen Matthews, Cannon has survived countless adventures while att…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #619–Butterfly and Daredevil
by Secret Identity

Download Location of the Week: Albany, NY Feedback Reviews:Betty and Veronica #272Butterfly #1Justice, Inc. #1Spider-Man 2099 #3Daredevil #8 Out of the Longbox:What If Spider-Man Had Married the Black Cat? Send comments to OR lea…

Newest Titles

All New Fathom (Collected Edition)
by Aspen Comics
Price: $14.99

Following the devastating events of The Elite Saga, Aspen Matthews finds herself at a decisive crossroads in her life‹with the memories of her past no longer weighing her down, she is finally able to set about building a new life in …

Fathom: Blue Descent #3
by Aspen Comics
Price: $2.99 $1.99

RETURN TO THE DEEP WITH MICHAEL TURNER'S FATHOM! The past comes crashing into the present in this exciting all-new Aspen mini-series, FATHOM: BLUE DESCENT! Abseloma learns firsthand the deadly price of what it will take to save his wife, Aspen Matthew'…

Rise of the Magi #2
by Top Cow
Price: $3.50 $1.99

A small black sphere contains all the magic that exists past, present, and future. Without it, two worlds would not survive. The sphere has been protected for centuries by a spell that was believed unbreakable. Asa Stonethrow, a common man in the worl…

Wildfire #2
by Top Cow
Price: $3.99 $1.99

Fire sweeps through the west side of Los Angeles killing thousands, but the real disaster is about to begin! Dr. Dan Miller tries to stuff Pandora back in the box, but once genetically engineered plants are released in the wild, it has permanent, long-l…

Rourke the Hexbuster & EA #02 [BUNDLE]
by DieGo Comics Publishing Ltd
Price: $9.97 $4.97

THIS IS A BUNDLE PRODUCT. WHEN BUYING THIS ITEM YOU WILL RECEIVE SEPARATE DOWNLOAD LINKS FOR EACH PRODUCT LISTED BELOW… Dark Rock Chronicles Regular price: {display_products_non_sale_price(134941)} Bundle …

Armor Hunters: Aftermath #1
by Valiant Comics
Price: $3.99

The fallout of the summer’s blistering crossover event starts now – and no hero can escape what happens next! The ARMOR HUNTERS invasion has passed, leaving massive casualties and a fractured populace in its wake. Don’t miss the epilogu…

Bloodshot #24
by Valiant Comics
Price: $3.99

Russian super-spies don’t die easy! Deep in the biting cold of a former Soviet state, a mysterious cell of sleeper agents – their minds clouded, but their bodies genetically enhanced – are wreaking havoc and inching the region toward wa… The First Download Comic Shop


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