Nikolai Dante Now Available Digitally From 2000AD

One of my favorite series now available digitally!

Thief, liar, rogue … hero? Nikolai Dante is one of 2000 AD‘s greatest epics and it is now available to read digitally – in its entirety – for the very first time.

Created by Robbie Morrison (The Authority) and Simon Fraser (Doctor Who), this is a 14-year epic set in a far future where Russia rules the world, the great Tsar maintaining a dread hand over his dominion. Nikolai Dante is a thief and ne’er-do-well whose only care is where the next drink or woman is coming from – but his world changes forever when he discovers he has aristocratic blood. A bastard member of the powerful and ruthless Romanov family, who vie constantly with the Tsar, Dante is gifted a symbiotic alien weapons crest and thrust into a world of dynastic struggle. But can the ruffian thief with a glint in his eye survive amidst a world of power, war, and greed so cut-throat that it makes his life in the gutter seem easy?

Breathtaking in its scope and enthralling in its humanity, Nikolai Dante is both a personal journey and a sprawling epic that can stand alongside some of the greatest sagas in comics.

Now, 2000 AD is proud to offer all 11 collections in digital and DRM-free for the first time, as well as on the 2000 AD iPad app, including sold-out volumes much sought after by fans, so that you too can read the whole story of Nikolai Dante!

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