Digital Comics Review: Colonial Souls #1

After ages of interstellar imperialism, a race of humanoid bugs finds themselves defeated and scattered to the brink of extinction. We follow a young queen and her weathered protector as they attempt to peacefully obtain the souls their colony's eggs require for reincarnation if their species is to survive.


One of the aspects that I believe that digital distribution allows is that new formats and stories can be explored at minimal cost to the creator. Colonial Souls is just that.

In a single issue we get a large amount of universe building which is no mean feat over 28 pages!

Colonial Souls followed two unique individuals who each have a different outlook on life and death, but nevertheless need each other. This is a science fiction story with part paranormal and part moral decisions.

Within this story we have our world weary warrior tasked with protecting his queen, who is not only the queen, but also the last remaining female of his race. He is a soldier, with a set moral compass, but his world view its being challenged by the queen.

The queen however is well aware of her role, but is also painfully aware of her race's imperial and possibly violent history…

Added into this background we get the crux of the story – in order to procreate, this race uses souls to fertilize their eggs. This used to be done forceably, hence the reaction to them from some races, but now they act as intergalactic ghostbusters!

This is a deep, enjoyable story with so many aspects and thoughts running through it you have to applaud the creative team.

The art team have taken the different alien races, robots and scenarios and run with it! With not only the character design but colors too!

If you like your sci-fi inn a big unforgiving universe, but also enjoy the close up character work, then this is for you!

You can get issue #1 here and issue #2 is coming soon!

I am looking forward to it!



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