Digital Comics Review: The Almighties #1

With comedic nods to big Marvel events from Civil War to Fear Itself, The Almighties amass in their debut comic, where you can expect offbeat action, adventure, comedy, testicular cancer, Nazi Robots, and plenty more, in what Glenn B. Fleming of Crikey! calls, 'One of the funniest comics you'll ever read!'

The Almighties gives a new dynamic on the team superhero aspect. Combining some action and some sharp humor we get a team who are not entirely likable!

Then combine them together!!

The mix of characters works well with a great mixture of the characters and you can just see how they will knock heads in the future!

The Almighties works will by taking some of the classic tropes that we know and love – the battle cry, the individual characters and the team and their mysterious leader.

The story works well and the whole arc works out nicely, with the big finish working out well, and from an unexpected position!

Available on Comixology from Actuality Press


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