Digital Comics Reviews: Dead Island, Cinderella & More

No podcast this week I'm afraid, but here are my thoughts on the digital comics I read this week!

Dead Island #1

A nice free issue #1 from Dark Horse Digital, this 18 page digital comic gives us a nice lead into the series, introducing our two slacker protagonists and the zombies! There's some nice humor going on here and the timing in some scenes is excellent! As a free #1 you can't go wrong and this gives you something different for a trope that I'm not usually a fan of!



Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse #1

Another comedy zombie story – this time from Zenescope – I enjoyed this, it has a lot going on with a large cast- but they get thinned out in due course. This is the first party of a two party series and a lot happens here, the characters all have some fleshing out and are distinguished from each other.

Cinderella #1

Another mini series from Zenescope, linked into the Age of Darkness event going across the titles. Cinderella is one of the bad guys, but we're rooting for her in her hunt against Hades. The deck seems stacked against her! This is a good tie I and adds a new dimension.

Doctor Who: The 10th Doctor #4

Starting off a new arc with a 'one-off' trip with a the companion he met in the previous arc. This gives us a different look as The Doctor from the eyes of an artist. There is an interesting delivery method here to with the format being of a notes to a friend together with sketches of what the Doctor looks like – including his weight! Once the story really kicks in this is a fun romp with an interesting peril!

Gotham Academy #2

After a hot #1, this continues on well, increasing the tension and the mystery! I may not be the demographic for this title, but it harks back to my childhood with the mystery. The art is excellent and the darkness is intriguing!

Rocket Raccoon #5

A nice done in one story after the four issue arc, Rocket and Groot relax with an extra terrestrial scout group! Now imagine Groot telling a story and use your imagination – an excellent read!


Velvet #8

One of my favorites from Image Comics- this spy thriller continues to impress! Combining excellent art and some tight story telling, Velvet continues to discover who betrayed her. And it looks like there a new player on the board!


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