Digital Comics From Avatar Press: Crossed: Badlands & God Is Dead

Avatar Press have released this week’s digital comics available via Comixology


These are the Avatar Press comic books that are new to digital on ComiXology Wednesday 12/10/14:

Crossed: Badlands #68

When you finally get your hands on the scumbag that Crossed68-regulardestroyed your life, what would you do first? What if you had to hold back the insanity driving your revenge until you could save a girl that reminds you of your daughter and a literal boatload of innocents from the Crossed? Would you be able to keep your hands from strangling the life out of a man long enough to do the right thing? David Lapham shows us that the Crossed aren’t the only ones capable of atrocities in a violent revenge story that will scar you for life.




God is Dead #25

A perfect jump-on point with a series recap, super-size issue, GodisDead25_regand new story arc! After all the Earth has been through, after all the pantheons have done to each other, after all the centuries of hate have boiled to the surface, what could possibly unite the Gods of old? Something unspeakable is coming to this devastated planet. Series author Mike Costa opens a World-shattering new story arc as the worst fears of the most powerful deities come true – the Titans have returned! More powerful than ever, and with horrific giant beasts at their bidding, the Titans are back and plan to eliminate the Gods once and for all! Don’t miss the epic new direction for God Is Dead beginning right here in this oversized book of dread.

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