Digital Comics Reviews: Flash Gordon & Sex Criminals

Two digital comics reviews – Flash Gordon #7 & Sex Criminals #9

Flash Gordon #7

Flash Gordon #7: Digital Exclusive Edition

We can’t tell you what happens in this issue. Sorry. We’ll say that Jeff Parker (Aquaman! Batman ’66!) wrote it, Evan Shaner (Adventures Of Superman!) drew it, Jordie Bellaire (Moon Knight!) colored it… and Flash Gordon is involved. But trust us… you don’t want us to spoil what happens. (Note: It is 95 trillion pounds of awesome in a ten-pound space bag!)
This is an interesting issue – I’m not entirely sure on what it’s leading to, but I hope it’s something as the ending seemed quite abrupt! I enjoyed the history lesson though and the colours and art are amazing and well suited to this series!
Sex Criminals #9
Sex Criminals #9
Suze and Jon meet Ana. Or rather, meet Ana AGAIN. Or should we say, meet…Ms. Jazmine St. Cocaine AGAIN. Did we just put those words in that order in PREVIEWS? Yes. Yes we did. By MATT FRACTION (SEX CRIMINALS) and CHONNY ZDARKO (SEX CRIMINALS).
The Sex Criminals seems to have got to the point where something proactive is going to happen – we’re at the recruitment and introduction stage here, and it’s all working out very interestingly! I really like the Wicked + Devine joke in here, and this could be a good jumping on point. I’m also glad to see the pace pick up!



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