Zenescope Reviews: Goddess Inc & Grimm Fairy Tales

Two digital comics from Zenescope this week!

Grimm Fairy Tales: Goddess Inc #5

Writer LaToya Morgan (AMC’s TURN) joins the Zenescope team with a brand new, modern re-imagining of Greek mythology like you have never seen before.

Will Venus’s sinister plan finally come to fruition or will she still be stopped? The shocking FINAL issue of Goddess Inc. is here.

This final issue wraps everything up well and also gives us something nice to look forward to potentially in the future.

This issue wraps everything up really nicely, with the final third giving us the fight scenes we’ve been waiting for since issue 1. The pantheon are well defined, as are the supporting cast! Humans and gods alike get a good amount of time in what is a hallmark Zenescope mini series.

Get it here

Grimm Fairy Tales #105

Rise of the Water Nymphs – Part Two

A war that threatens to rip Neverland asunder spills over into Earth… and Sela’s duties as Guardian come into conflict with her role as caretaker of the students at Arcane Acre. While Hailey the other Realm Knights in training flee from the wicked sirens, it falls once again to Sela to make a tough decision.

This issue concludes this two part arc which links up to events a couple of issues ago in the end. Real has changed her act, not only taking the role of mentor, but of a more personal protector of her students. There’s lots here and a semblance of discovery with the sirens attacking close to home.Get it here


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