Digital Comics From Avatar Press: War Stories, Crossed & More

Avatar Press have released this weeks digital comics to read via Comixology!

These are the new digital Avatar Press titles to ComiXology Wednesday 1/7/15:

Crossed: Badlands #69

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      David Lapham is a master of violent crime drama and hisCrossed69-Regularlatest foray into the world of Crossed has created some of the most brutal images yet. Gavin Land was a normal family man. He loved his kids and his wife. He played by the rules. But when a sadistic pornographer debases and kills his daughter before systematically destroying his life, something deep inside snaps. And not even a world full of homicidal maniacs will stop him from revenge.








God is Dead #26

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      The Titans have been released upon a war ravaged world. Now GodisDead26_reggiant beings and beasts threaten to turn the planet into a blazing ruin. The bickering gods have no choice but to unite in the face of certain destruction. But can their temporary truce last long enough to defeat the Titans or will the temptation to turn upon each other be too great to pass up? Don’t miss the epic new direction for God Is Dead!









War Stories #4

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      In 1973, the Golan Heights was the home to the most brutalWarStories4-regtank warfare in history. As a young nation of Israel faced the imposing forces of the Syrian army, the true mettle of these soldiers would be tested as never before. No one delivers hard hitting stories of war like Garth Ennis. War Stories is the showcase for some of the darkest hours from history’s most violent clashes and this month Tomas Aria illustrates part one of Children of Israel.

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