Marvel Reviews: Black Widow, Moon Knight, Rocket Raccoon & Loki

It’s a cosmic calamity as Rocket tries to fix his past…er… bad calls! Next stop, the dreaded Winter Planet! Winter all the time? Worst. Planet. Ever. Rocket Raccoon rockets into our hearts with the series beloved by Marvel fans everywhere!
Rocket Raccoon #7
A new story arc for Rocket Raccoon, and a special mention for that front cover, which is excellent and makes me feel the cold that Rocket & Groot feel! This is a really good look at Rocket, and his feelings for Groot. While stuck on an ice planet (think Hoth) Rocket and Groot are attacked by some beasts – one of which injects a poison into Groot which stops his regenerative abilities! We then get a good look at how Rocket feels about Groot and his now off on a quest for the cure – which involves the stealing of the eggs of the Queen of the beasts! – And it’s massive! This was an enjoyable read, which mixed the right amount of humour in with the serious nature of Groot!
Moon Knight, fugitive! Mr. Knight finds himself in the custody of the NYPD and things do not go well for anyone!


Moon Knight #11

Eleven issues in, and I’m still enjoying the ride set up by Warren Ellis. Marc Spector finds himself in custody, but not the normal kind. It’s an interesting set up, and we still get a look at his relationship with Khonshu. It’s an interesting set up as we know that there is potentially another avatar out there with the back up Moon Knight enjoyed! The issue ends with a cliffhanger as Marc attempts his escape…..

In the aftermath of AXIS, Loki is the Hero of Asgard no more. But one change remains- The God of Lies can only ever tell the truth. Now, Loki’s brother, the Odinson, visits his apartment, to talk of cabbages, kings, and Kid Loki. This is it.



Loki: Agent of Asgard #10

Not only in this issue do we get some of the fallout from AXIS, but we also get some from the current run of Thor and the old rund of Journey Into Mystery! Wow! We see Thor’s (Odinson) reaction to the ‘death’ of Kid Loki. The dynamic between Thor and Loki continues to be excellent, with Thor – as usual – over reacting where his brother is concerned. The issue finishes with Loki in a bad place/way, so we will see how he gets out of this one!

Natasha wants answers about Chaos, and now she has a list of people who have them. How far can she go and still call herself a hero?



Black Widow #14

Black Widow continues to be an excellent spy thriller – with as much as possible, leaning away from the Superhero dynamics we usually get. Natasha starts her road onto revenge on the Chaos orginisation who have caused her so much grief in previous issues. She knows she is on a rocky road – morally and ethically, but is determined to see this through. This is carried out in an excellent way, as she works her way to the top. There are some excellent scenes here as she questions those involved and gets the information she needs!


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