Digital Comics Reviews: The Black Hood, 2000 AD & More

I'm entering March madness at work, so here's some sort thoughts on what I read this week!

The Black Hood #1 from Dark Circle. I remember The Black Hood from Impact Comics (I think) and he was always the darker of the hero's of that imprint… This had taken it up a notch with an injured cop taking on the mantle of a vigilante he killed. Brooding, Dark and violent, this is a new Punished and incredibly enjoyable!


Bodies #8 his the final issue of this maxi series and everything gets an ending in the past(s), present and future! The mix between the styles of storytelling and art for each moment in time made this a hard read, but it really was an excellent read and I recommend getting the collection as this is something that needs a full sitting!

Daredevil #13 makes a nice meta reference to the ongoing problem that Matt has with women. The twist makes it all the more fun! There is also an interesting callback to a previous adventure with Daredevil. There is something darker nibbling on underneath and this makes this carefree title a little more sinister!


Darth Vader #2 brings us in nice and slowly to this series, new readers can quickly get a handle on the problems Vader is having – and is going to have! Vader's reaction to given events are classic and how you would expect him to. There is a specially nice line at the end as the Sith reminisces about something when he was Anakin.

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #5 brings the story arc to an end in this adventure which covers vast amounts of time, space, religion and dimensions! This is a vast adventure, possibly having more going on than a classic Doctor Who adventure, with a bigger carry, but there are some good 'Doctor' moments here!

Gotham Academy #5 brings more of Gotham City into the story after last issues reveal! With a new 'guest' in the academy we also get a Man-Bat reveal and some nice banter between the students! The end of the issue brings more of Gotham into the story!

Henchmen Inc #2 shows us the problems that a good henchman has! The villains and the heroes play second fiddle as we learn more about the guys who assist and take the punches! There are rules of course and our new henchmen learns them as we do!

Rasputin #5 brings us to the end of this arc and an ending that we, and Rasputin didn't expect! There are some nice touches here and although I'm still unsure what to think of Rasputin here, he shows some nice pages here – but it's he getting corrupted? There's a nice teaser for the second arc which looks very interesting!

S.H.I.E.L.D #3 continues its one shot story teaming with Rasputin (not the one above) and Spider-Man as they investigate a home invasion in Dr Strange's home! This is a really good series as we get different aspects of the Marvel universe! There is also a link to the first story too…

Three stories of three different Thor's in this Thor Annual #1 It's old king Thor's birthday and his three granddaughters decide it's time to get him something for his birthday and its a truly touching gift! Next up we get an excellent adventure with the new Thor and the warriors three. Finally we'd get young pre-hammer Thor and a drinking game with a devil from the future!

We're finding out more about the gods in The Wicked + The Devine and there are some excellent pages here as we find out more about the gods and what they do!

The Little Mermaid #1 links up with previous mermaid adventures from Zenescope and we get a crash course I what's happened and where we are now! This issue is all about the set up and although there's a lot to take in, we get there and now we are ready for #2!

After the Christmas special here's a little late issue of the Garbage Pail Kids with some gross romantic stories, possibly not as fun as the Christmas version, but gross in a childish way that I used to love about them!


TMNT #43 continues to where we have begun leading – the battle between Krang, Shredder and the turtles. There's more though – the Mutanimals, Baxter and more, this was a great issue and I'm already looking forward to the next one!

Spinning off from the main series we get more mutant action with Mutanimals #1. This group of mutants give us something new in the world of TMNT! There are some really nice points here, from the points of dialog and the action. Three new mutant they find had a very interesting initial reaction too


Happy birthday to 2000 AD! This birthday issue – prog 1919 brings us the continuation of the return of the Dark Judges in space! Dark Justice is rapidly becoming a classic story. Next up we have the second party of the second Survival Geeks story in a steampunk world! Thargs 3hrillers comes top the middle part in this inter-dimensional story on London underground. The Order continues the medieval storyline with Wurms and robots. There are still twists and turns in this story. Savage continues this excellent story with the new Britain having kids teething problems – and there are family issues!


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