Fund Me Friday: Inner Space, Symptom, Unrivaled, The Bean & Lady Death


Kickstarter is a great way to promote and publish comics, and more and more Kickstarters are including digital rewards – here are some of the latest!

Inner Space

by Renee LeCompte

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Journey into the mind of Mag, a little gryphonic creature who is trapped inside her own head. With only the help of her inner child, Id, she must discover the reason she’s stuck there and escape if she can.  While in her mind, she must battle and escape from monsters, nightmares, demons… and even herself.

Inner Space is a 330 page cerebral adventure that deals with the problems of Mag, and indeed, problems we all face in life. Can Mag defeat her inner demons and escape her mind, or will she be trapped forever?
Digital Reward? 
From $8 upwards you will get a PDF of the comic!
There are some excellent tiers here!

Symptom – A three issue series. Sickness gives you power.

by Tanner L Carter


Symptom follows Orval Quincy, a mild manner paper pusher, who one day burst into flames and suffers no injuries. He is diagnosed with CD Disease. A mysterious, supernatural and highly fatal type of brain cancer. The symptoms of which can be only described as superpowers. Orval has a rare case where his is operable with a high chance of success. He is set for surgery, but before he goes through with it he has run in with a dubious villain, the Heistress. With super strength and speed, she breaks into a bank with ease. The only one who stands up to her, the only one who can, is Orval.

The series will follow Orval and his superhero persona, the Organizer. Throughout the story he’ll encounter a few friends and enemies as he hunts after the Heistress. The longer he pursues her though, the less likely he can be treated.

Digital Reward?

From $5 you can get issues #0 & #1 digitally, and then with higher tiers and physical aspects you can also get #2 digitally!

Unrivaled Vol.1

by ZeroSnake

Unrivaled follows the story of Goku, a snot nosed brat that has a big goal. To become the next monkey king! Vol. 1 includes the first seven chapters of Goku transformation from a nobody tot the talk of his whole village. The world is a blend of many cultures and time periods. Join as we see the start of Goku’s pilgrimage around the world to take on various martial artists from many backgrounds to ultimately become the Unrivaled martial artist of the world… Or maybe he might end up becoming something more human. Unrivaled is a seinen type manga focusing on character relations and is sure to be a treat to all who invest in it.

Digital Reward?

For $30 you will get volume 1 digitally – this seems a lot, but bear in mind that this is a whole volume, not a single issue!

The Bean vol 4: The Dark Road

by travis hanson

Digital Reward? 

For $15 you will get Book 4 digitally!


by Brian Pulido

Created in 1991 by writer Brian Pulido (me), Lady Death is a supernatural, sword-wielding anti-hero who battles evil. Originally, she was Hope, a teenaged girl who is deceived by demons and trades her mortality for eternal life in Hell. To ensure her survival, she turns to the darkness within herself and begins a transformation into Lady Death. Part of the 90’s vanguard of “Bad Girl” comics, Lady Death has been published in comic books for two decades, she’s been the star of a 2005 animated feature film and tons of Lady Death products and merchandise have been made to the delight of her fans. As a symbol of fierce independence, Lady Death is tattooed on thousands of bodies across the globe.

Digital Reward?

For $5 you get issue #1, and there are digital add-ons for higher tiers – including scripts and other comics!

Are you planning a crowd funded digital comic? I’d love to hear from you!

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