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JFH: Justice For Hire
Episode 1!

Visionbooks brings you the world of martial arts in a new stunning format.  JFH: Justice For Hire – Episode 1 is now available for free on Visionbooks…
The Retribution Industry is born, allowing for private-counter-terrorist forces to thrive, creating rival teams that fight for the industry’s #1 spot. Following in the footsteps of their legendary fathers, martial arts mega-duo Ebony and Ivory become overnight media sensations, kicking ass in the name of justice along with their sexy, gun-toting chauffeur/bodyguard, Louisa, at their side. But now competition is on the rise…
In the words of JFH Creator Jan Lucanus: ” ‘JFH’ is known for being meticulous in its delivery of realistic martial arts action body mechanics.  Never before have we been able to bring the type of clarity to an action sequence that the Visionbooks reading experience allows.  It is f***ing awesome”!
What are you waiting for? Download the first episode fro free in the Visionbooks App.
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