Fund Me Friday: The Forever Maps, The List, The Pantheon Project, End Of Days & Silver Plague

Here are the latest Kickstarter comics available with digital comics in their reward tiers!

The Forever Maps by Michael Lagacé and Todor Hristov

by Michael Lagacé

The Forever Maps - page 5

The Forever Maps begins in 1794 when a young man named John leaves home. No longer willing to suffer the abuse of his father or see his mother hurt protecting him, he sets out on his own and comes across a weak old man who reluctantly asks him for help with a map. When they follow it, they find a mysterious wooden box carved into a tree stump. Inside, another map. The old man smashes the box, angry, infuriated! He wants nothing to do with it, and forces John to take it. When John follows this new map, he finds identical boxes leading him all across the country. For decades he does this, fixated on finding something — anything — other than a map, until he realizes that as long as he follows them, he doesn’t get older. And when he stops, even for an hour, his age quickly catches up.

The 72-page comic shows John’s struggle to choose between living forever and having a life worth living. The first chapter explores his relationship with his parents; angry at his father, fearful for his mother. In the second chapter, John falls in love and wants to be there for his new family, but he knows that when he does, he’ll die. In the last chapter, John learns the hardest lesson of his life as he becomes the father he swore he’d never be, and then has to fight for redemption.

Digital Reward?

$5 will get you the first issue, while $10 will get you the collected graphic novel digitally!


by Adam Jack

A KILLER STALKS THE STREETS. He speaks of bearing the New Commandments… of a visit from an Angel… of being God’s chosen Messenger… of a reunion in Heaven with his dead parents… His past is of no consequence. His future is bent toward the completion of his quest. Could he indeed be the bearer of the God’s New Commandments, or is all he simply a madman?

Digital Reward?

For $10 you get the Convert Pack – a digital copy of The List: The New Commandments

The Pantheon Project: Complete Volume (Issues #1-4 + Extras)

by Erik Taylor

Leila's stunning cover for the trade

The Pantheon Project: Complete Volume (108 pages) collects the full comic book mini-series about four teenagers who must face an amazing and dangerous reality when they are mysteriously granted the super powers they made up as children.

The story is written by Erik Taylor and the amazing artwork is provided by rising Image Comics star Leila del Duca (Shutter)! The beautiful color work is done by illustrator and artist Kit Seaton (The Black Bull of Norroway). And industry veteran Rus Wooton (Walking Dead, The Manhattan Projects) crafts the lettering and design!

Digital Reward?

From $5 upwards you get a digital copy!

End of Days – Scorched Earth – Comic

by Atomic Ink Comix

End of Days Cover

End of Days is going to be a 5 part comic series that tells the story of Colonel Alex Hadfield and his trusty Android assistant Rob. This Kickstarter project is for the first issue of the series, SCORCHED EARTH.

The Year 2025

It starts in space, with astronaut Alex Hadfield about to start a five year mission to test out a new suspended animation cryosleep unit that will be used for deep space travel. Leaving behind his wife, and two kids he adores, he has taken this last mission as a way to retire early and spend more time with his family.

Two weeks into the mission, the earth erupts in nuclear warfare, followed by chemical and experimental weapon attacks. Five years later…Alex awakens to find everything he has ever known is gone. Heading back to earth with Rob, his trusty android assistant, Alex will find a planet with a new world order, where mutants run wild, and gangs of humans fight for whatever resources earth has left.

Through this deadly maze, and with the help of some new friends, Colonel Hadfield will search for his family… and nothing better get in his way.

Digital Reward?

From $5 you get a digital copy of the comic!

Silver Plague Issue One

by Jim Towe

The cover for Silver Plague Issue One

Silver Plague is a weekly ongoing webcomic about espionage and Modern Art in the 1960s. The story follows an abstract expressionist painting, titled Gesture 47, as she escapes her canvas confines and enters our reality. It’s up to the CIA’s Zero Division to track her down before the Russians – or something even worse – find her first. Read the whole first issue!

Silver Plague Issue One collects the first 24 pages of the webcomic as well as a brand new 8 page story exclusive to this Kickstarter. Bonus features include pin ups from some of my buddies and a behind-the-scene look at how a Silver Plague page comes together.

Digital Reward?

For $5 you get a digital comic!

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