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Free weekly productDEADLANDS: The Cackler FREE PREVIEW
by Visionary Comics

The Cackler is an ancient Harrowed in search of a very particular blood relative for a nefarious and mysterious ritual that could change the world of Deadlands forever!

The Texas Rangers and Agency have invoked the “Twilight Protocol” to unite against the Cackler and are doing everything they can to stop him.

They’re joined by Morgan Lash—a former Wichita Witch who’s shed her dark past to protect the girl the Cackler searches for—her sister!

Written by Shane Lacy Hensley

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New Comics!

Brass SunBrass Sun: The Wheel of Worlds

A gigantic mechanical solar system is dying. The brass sun that gives life to the dozens of worlds has started to slow, freezing the outer worlds and killing off the inhabitants.

On one such world, known as Hind Leg, a young girl named Wren is given part of the secret of the lost key that has the power to restart the sun. Charged with travelling across the various worlds to pick up other parts of the key which was broken up after The Great War, this unlikely heroine alone possesses the power to save the galaxy from extinction!

From the creative team of Ian Edginton (Hinterkind, Ampney Crucis Investigates) and I.N.J. Culbard (The Picture of Dorian Gray, DeadbeatsBrass Sun is a unique fantasy adventure, executed with panache.


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Postal #1Postal #1

The townsfolk of Eden, Wyoming wake up to the first official murder the town has seen in 25 years.

Their reaction to this isn’t normal, and there’s a reason for that. Eden operates as a haven for fugitive criminals who remain here while new identities, often including facial reconstruction, are created for them. There is zero tolerance for any illegal activity that might draw attention to the town and an “official murder” is the last thing they want.

A single, tight-knit family runs Eden with the youngest oddball son Mark Shiffron overseeing the postal branch, the only means of shipping in or out of the city. THE FBI has repeatedly been foiled trying to insert an undercover here; they see Mark as the weak link to exploit. This murder gives them a new opportunity.


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Harry 20Harry 20: On the High Rock

In the year 2060, a hundred miles above the Earth orbits the High Rock – a maximum security prison crammed with 10,000 of the most vicious criminals from the world below.

Falsely accused of betraying his government, Harry Thompson is given a twenty year sentence on the Rock, but amongst thuggish guards controlled by Warden Worldwise and psychotic inmates like Big Red One, the chances of staying alive for that long are looking pretty slim!


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Vietnam JournalVietnam Journal #4

OVERSIZED EDITION. In “Birds of Prey”, war reporter ‘Journal’ comes across a secretive and very dangerous CIA Agent who may or may not be completely stable mentally while he is conducting secret covert operations in the jungles of Vietnam.

Included is a special ‘Journal’ bonus story called “The 5.56 Blues”.

School Library Journal says of Vietnam War Journal, “A powerful collection of stories and history of the Vietnam War…”.


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Featured Comics!

Featured Title

2000 AD: Prog 1826
by Rebellion Publishing Ltd


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Featured Title

Plume Volume 2 #3
by Devil’s Due Entertainment


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Featured Title

Unity #16
by Valiant Comics


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Pick of the Week!

Pick of the WeekIXth Generation #1
by Top Cow

In the future there is no more natural death, no needs unfilled and everything you could ever want is yours… as long as you’re one of the ones chosen to live in this new Utopia and you’re willing to subjugate yourself to these new self-proclaimed gods with “IX”s emblazoned on them.Do the ends truly justify the means? Is a utopia built on genocide worth the price?

Aphrodite, Velocity, Hades, and the other Nines establish fiefdoms in this new world and attempt to rule. Their internal clashes have escalated, but they are forced to put that aside as they face off against the relentless hordes of the Darkness. The sins of the past have come to claim those who would pretend to be Gods.

The cybernetic future established in APHRODITE IX and CYBER FORCE finally comes face-to-face with the supernatural ARTIFACTS side of the Top Cow universe!

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Armor Hunters

Newest Free Products

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #651–The Big Con Job and Star Wars
by Secret Identity
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Fiery Soul: Happy St. Paddy
by Darken Visuals
http://comics.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=146174&it=1&SRC=newsletter_freebiesPrint featuring Brianna from Fiery Soul graphic novel series. 6″x6″ 300 DPI non-wateremarked full color file to print in celebration of St. Patrick Day.
Secret Identity Podcast Issue #650–Ms. Marvel and Gail Simone
by Secret Identity
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Newest Titles

X-O Manowar Volume 7: Armor Hunters
by Valiant Comics
Price: $14.99 $11.99Hunt it! Trap it! Kill it! The Armor Hunters are the most dangerous fighters in the galaxy — unparalleled in their abilities to catch and destroy their prey. Their mission has been long and unforgiving and featured the destruction of many X-O Manow…
Quantum and Woody! (1997) #13
by Valiant Comics
Price: $2.50 $1.99Quantum hires his old flame Amy as a receptionist. And, yes, our heroes finally get their own bodies back. Intended for readers 12+
2000 AD: Prog 1832
by Rebellion Publishing Ltd
Price: $2.99JUDGE DREDD // THE FORSAKEN Mega-City One, 2135 AD. Home to 50 million citizens, this urban nightmare, a shadow of its former self after a Sov viral attack, is situated along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America. Crime is rampant, and the Jud…

Newest Featured Reviews

Cold Steel Wardens: Roleplaying in the Iron Age of Comics
by Blackfall Press, LLC
Price: $14.99Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (from Thomas Brownell)

Six Points: 1) I love that the author didn’t think “gritty” meant “you can’t push your limits”, instead applying a potentially brutal cost to it.

2) Very little wasted space in the book, making me feel like I got my money’s worth and providing evocativ [read more…]

Crescent City
by Alderac Entertainment Group
Price: $20.00 $12.00Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (from Megan Robertson)

Crescent City, built on the ruins of what we know as Chicago, is the default ‘home town’ of the Brave New World game setting, and this book sets out to inform characters about the place in which they live through the by-now familiar format of an extensive [read more…]

Aphrodite IX/Cyber Force #1
by Top Cow
Price: $5.99Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (from John Grigas)

If you are excited about the IXth Generation coming next month (and you should be), then you should grab this important chapter in the Top Cow Universe story.

Yes, this takes place hundreds of years in the future. Yes, there are Artifacts, and lots of [read more…]

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