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Blood & Dust: The Life and Undeath of Judd Glenny Issue #2

by Adam Orndorf

Page 1

Judd Glenny, a Civil War veteran and victim, was possessed by a Native American legend during a spirit journey, becoming the first American Vampire. Now a man who sought redemption and working on repentance for his actions accepted his sin, becoming a blood drinking monster and ultimate bad man, terrorizing the Old West as its most dangerous and unrepentant predator.

But life catches up to everyone, even those who are dead, and Judd was no exception. Now the Old West’s most feared legend is a babysitter for his great-grandkids, hiding in a remote Southern Oklahoma town named Boggy Depot. His only wish is for him and his family to be left alone. But then comes a knock on the door…

Blood & Dust is a six issue mini series about one man’s fight to protect not only his family and their secret, but of a man who is protecting an entire town against an evil that is almost identical to the spirit that possesses him and his family. An evil that lives in the swamp surrounding the town, and preying on its children.

Digital Reward?

From $3 you get the digital version of #2!

The Best Book

by Bill Barnes

THE KID loves books, and so does every member of his family. The problem is that they all have their own idea about what he should be reading, and as he goes through his day he hears from each of them

It’s all too common. A kid is happily reading a book they love, when suddenly an adult plucks it out of their hands and substitutes a book that’s more “appropriate” or “worthwhile.” The kid deflates. In an instant, reading has gone from being a joy to a chore.

We hate it. So we wrote a picture book that tells kids to keep reading whatever they enjoyand shows adults that the best way to give kids a love of reading is to let them read what they love.

Digital Reward?

From $10 you get a DRM-Free copy in PDF & EPUB formats!

Sidekicks – 4 Issue Mini-Series

by Russell Brettholtz

Issue #1 Cover Art by Miguel Mendonça

SIDEKICKS is a 4-issue comic book mini-series created by Russell Brettholtz and Miguel Mendonça. It follows the lives of five super-hero sidekicks as they get mistreated by their respective heroes and ignored by society at large.

Digital Reward?

From $5 you can get issue #1 digitally – then more issues in higher rewards!

Heritage for Kids

by Heritage Watch

A project to educate Cambodia’s kids of the importance of heritage preservation as they are the future stewards of the country’s past.

Digital Reward?
From $30 you get the digital copy!

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