Fund Me Friday: Monty the Dinosaur, Broken Frontier, Shivae Studios & Fist of Justice

It’s time to see what digital comics you can get on Kickstarter!

“Monty the Dinosaur”

by bob frantz

Dinosaurs are extinct… except in the hearts and minds of the children. Monty the dinosaur is a creation of me and my lovely daughter, Sophie.

Digital Reward?

For $2 you get the digital version!

Broken Frontier: The boldest comics anthology in the galaxy

by Tyler & Wendy Chin-Tanner

Over 250 full color pages. More than 40 incredibly talented creators, 27 amazing stories, 1 beautifully designed over-sized hardcover. But above all: a comic book experience you won’t find anywhere else!

All wrapped in a stunning cover by Spider-Gwen’s Robbi Rodriguez, the Broken Frontier Anthology is beautifully designed and assembled with the highest production value. Larger than a standard graphic novel, the book’s 11.2”x7.6” format allows the amazing artwork and stories to leap off the page.

Digital Reward?

From $12 you get a digital copy, and then upwards with other reward tiers!

Shivae Studios Book Run!

by Tiffany Ross

Photo original

The Cyantian Chronicles V1 and V2 : I have two Cyantian Chronicles collections which contain a variety of my ongoing comics, The New Campus Safari, Genoworks Saga, and Gralen Cragg Hall in its first printing.

Volume 1 is almost identical to the prior printing, just in a new format with Genoworks Saga #1 folded into it.

Volume 2 is an all new printing of the New Campus Safari, more Genoworks, and the first printing of Gralen Cragg Hall!

Original Edition Campus Safari Complete Collection V1 and V2: The Original comic I began in August of 1998 from start to end in 2 volumes!  They are just under 200 pages in length and contain ALL of the Campus Safari comics along with the extra art and stories that were in the floppy prints, now in a nice compact graphic novel set!  (The covers are all I have left to do!)

Digital Reward?

From $10 you get all four PDF’s!

Fist of Justice: Changes

by Digital Webbing

The story of Fist of Justice continues in a 128 page full color trade paperback collection! Plus we’re creating an all-new comic featuring Amy Andrews as the Fist of Justice. Written and illustrated by Mike Imboden and Eduardo Savid.

Fist of Justice shows our love for classic comic book stories. A totally retro-style superhero dropped into our time. The series is kid-friendly but adults will enjoy it too. If you ever read any comics back in the 70s and 80s, you’ll feel right at home here.

Digital Reward?

For $5 you get the primer, for $10 you get the whole story!

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